Not safer without guns

May 21, 2013 

We are only a couple of weeks away from some form of concealed carry. The Illinois legislature, citing fears for our safety, will probably pass new laws which, through careful wording, will continue to restrict our rights and no one will be allowed to carry a gun in public. Or home rule Belleville's leadership will do the same. So before this happens consider this.

Thirty one years ago, in 1982, the town of Kennesaw Ga., passed a first of its kind law requiring gun ownership by all households. Since then not one resident has been involved in a fatal shooting -- as a victim, attacker or defender. The violent crime rate for Kennesaw is 85 percent, lower than the Georgia average, and the property crime rate was 56 percent lower. Wouldn't you want that statistic here in Belleville?

Per City Data's web site, Belle-ville's danger rating is 405; Kennesaw's is 111. Despite a 600 percent population growth from about 5,000 to almost 30,000 in Kennesaw, both violent crime and property crime are lower now than in 2000.

Belleville's average income is $43,000; Kennesaw's is $59,000.

Since we live in the last state to restrict concealed carry you would think Belleville would be a safe place to live. But our violent crime rate is 25 points higher than the national average, and our property crime rate is 173 points higher than the rest of the nation.

Let us carry for our safety and maybe one day we will match Kennesaw's stats.

Edward Tourigny


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