A 'shall carry' law is needed

May 22, 2013 

So, I see the geniuses in Springfield are trying to come up with a concealed carry gun bill. Unfortunately they are going to make it virtually impossible for us law-abiding gun owners to get a permit.

Not only are they going to require us to have more training hours than any other state, they are trying to impose jurisdiction restrictions or home rule. For those not sure what that could mean, I give you the following.

Say you are allowed to carry concealed in Shiloh, but have to drive through O'Fallon or Fairview Heights on your way home or out to the grocery. You would then have to know what kind of restrictions O'Fallon and Fairview Heights have when it comes to carrying concealed as they could and would most probably have different rules. This is all in an attempt to appease the Chicago Democratic machine.

I see that our Sen. James Clayborne voted for HB183, which is a "may issue" bill. I urge all supporters of the "shall issue" bill to call Sen. Clayborne and express their displeasure. He needs to be reminded to work for us and not Chicago.

We need one law for one state, and not a bill filled with many different laws, all because of that corrupt city in the north.

Micah Turner


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