State Police to crack down on seat-belt violations over holiday

May 23, 2013 

Seal of the Illinois State Police.

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Illinois State Police remind motorists to take the necessary safety precautions for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend -- one of the busiest travel periods for motorists.

In addition to the statewide Click It or Ticket safety campaign, beginning on Friday and continuing through Monday, District 11 will push for zero fatalities by enforcing the four most common traffic violations: Speeding, DUI, seat belts and distracted driving.

Seatbelt enforcement details and speed patrols will be a top priority for law enforcement statewide.

"With summer months approaching, along with Memorial Day weekend, troopers will be very visible looking for impaired drivers," District 11 Commander Capt. Brad Parsons said.

Driving under the influence is still the number one cause of traffic crashes and fatalities, especially during the holidays. Drinking and driving is a deadly combination and law enforcement officials are stressing the importance of designating a driver.

The Illinois State Police are responsible for the public safety of more than 20,000 miles of the state's roads and highways.

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