On the road with Marx, Lenin

May 23, 2013 

If you reviewed the history books of the old Soviet Union and Stalin's rise to power, you would see a striking similarity to what we are now witnessing in this country. This administration appears to be following the Marxist/Lenin playbook on turning this nation into the United Socialist States of America.

Step one is to discredit or destroy any political party opposition. Second, continue to drive the country into bankruptcy by saying we don't have a spending problem. This could lead to the confiscation of private banking and saving accounts. Current debt is $17 trillion. Private banking and retirement accounts are estimated at $17.5 trillion.

Mandate a nationwide government health care system. Confiscate all guns. Set up an internal security force, including an army of informants. Deny any and all potential government scandals. Gain the favor of the national press to suppress any negative news regarding government actions. Privacy will become a thing of the past. Video monitoring and all forms of communication will be collected and stored in huge government data banks.

Americans who support this socialist agenda may see the biggest change. In socialist countries all citizens must contribute. There is no social welfare. All citizens must work at a task commensurate with their education and skill levels.

The vast majority of the citizens are to be equalized in benefits and housing accommodations. All prices for food and essentials will be under government price control. Family size will be limited to two children. All children will attend state schools and daycare centers.

If this type of government appeals to you, stay the course. If not, you better wake up.

William D. Coulson


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