A way to deny our gun rights

May 24, 2013 

Once again leave it up to the bozos in our capital and the Dodos from Chicago. This so-called conceal carry bill is a joke and just another way to deny us citizens our Second Amendment rights and a blatant attempt to try and get around the ruling made by the federal court of appeals.

The home rule, the $150 fee for a permit along with other bull in the bill is greed, unfair and unconstitutional.

With three members from Cook County on the board, that is three denials on a permit when applied for. I just hope that for our safety and our right to carry for self-protection, this law is not allowed to stand if and when reviewed by the appeals court \. Vote the ones out of office who keep screwing us and denying us our constitutional rights.

Kevin Dailey

Fairview Heights

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