Don't take away our gun rights

May 24, 2013 

The new concealed carry bill introduced in Illinois is not satisfactory at all. The appointed board would be made up of three Chicago anti-gun lobbyists or anti-gun politicians and three from outside of Cook County. The Illinois legislators are a disgrace to law-abiding gun-toting citizens.

As an American with constitutional rights to bear arms I always carry my gun. I will be damned if I must ask for permission to carry it.

If the local law enforcement objects to you having conceal carry you then must appeal it to the anti-gun zealots hand-picked by an anti-gun governor. This has lawsuit and ACLU written all over it and you rest assured I will be on that bandwagon.

In the words of the immortal Charlton Heston: I have only five words for you: From my cold, dead hands.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights

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