Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

May 26, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison Counties:



* 536 Park Ave.; from Patrick Lee Seymour; to Dale N. Paule; $30,000.

* 2405 Ben Hogan Court; from Charles Throckmorton IV and Brooke Throckmorton; to Matthew L. Cotter and Tonya L. Cotter; $259,500.

* 26 N. 13th St.; from Mo Seven LLC; to Andrea D. Kronenberger; $13,500.

* 68 Circle Ave.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; $Larry Hill and Carole Hill; $100,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2135 & 2127 E. Belle Ave.; from TAC Properties 1 LLC; to Brymco LLC; $212,000.

* 2131 E. Belle Ave.; from Fenway Properties LLC; to Brymco LLC; $167,500.

* 247 Brockmont Drive; from Christopher Fairth; to Noel Navarro; $108,000.

* 21 Eastland Drive; from John M. Chester; to Debra Diane McGee; $90,000.

* 133 N. Indiana Ave.; from Judith A. Jennings; to Bernard Eschenfelder and Sheila Eschenfelder; $60,000.

* 10 Country Hill Lane; from Nichols E. Poulos and Julie Fekete Poulos; to Clyde Kuehn and Mary Jo Kuehn; $130,000.

* 103 Bramblewood Court; from Scotty C. Powell and Jessica Nina Ghatan; to Wendy L. Zeller; $199,000.

* 56 Innsbruck Drive; Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Philip J. Brunner and Cari E. Brunner; $93,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2013 Huntmaster Drive; from Keith Kelley; to Margaret Perkins; $85,000.

* 1807 N. Charles St.; from Jeremy Muelchi and Erin Fitzpatrick; to Jordan Knop; $79,500.

* 25 Forest Glen Drive; from Ricky A. Powell and Rhonda K. Powell; to Timothy R. Curtis and Anne-Marie J. Curtis; $223,000.

* 2 Powder Creek Drive; from Stanley Van Sant and Gayla Van Sant, Co-Trustees; to Kimberly Berkley; $217,500.

* 3901 Centerville Ave.; from Thomas Welker and Diane Welker; to Mark Rives; $142,500.

* 2402 Frank Scott Parkway West; from Kevin Stewart and Tara T. Stewart; to David C. Blue and Ruth A. Blue, Co-Trustees; $24,500.


* 704 St. Norbert; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Terrence L. Charles; $10,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

109 St. Leo Drive; from Terra Dominus LLC; to Pacer Cap LLC; $30,500.

* 314 Sauget Ave.; from Michael R. Williams; to Brunton Properties Inc.; $11,000.

* 2010 Louise Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Eric Knaust; $10,100 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1037 Far Oaks Drive; from James Gore and Catherine Gore; to Shiyam Satwani and Kiron Satwani; $585,000.

* 714 George St.; from Charles L. Williams and Pamela K. Williams; to Scott L. Finn; $87,500.

* 1282 Pin Oak Lane; from Su Han Kim; to Zachery Causey and Susan Causey; $151,000.


* 1766 Parkland Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Terrance L. Charles; $8,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1 Susan Court; from Lamar Starrett; to Deandrae Wilborn; $80,000.

* 309 Dogwood Lane; from Tristan J. Tikkanen and Ashley E. Tikkanen; to Chase R. Crelly; $120,500.

* 123 Broadstone Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Michael R. Litteral; $138,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5 Burcham Drive; from Brandon B. Storm; to Jarred White; $175,000.


* 215 W. Schuetz St.; from Lewis & Clark Habitat for Humanity; to James W. Campbell and Marilyn L. Campbell; $5,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 215 E. Main St.; from Beth N. Sumner; to Brian L. Kirby; $119,500.

* 127 Roger Drive; from SGM Properties LLC; to Colby C. Sellers and Sandra R. Sellers; $127,500.

* 1200 Fired Brick Drive; from SMR LLC; to Garrett S. Barker and Alicia A. Barker; $508,000.


* 6723 Illinois 15; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Dale A. Brandt; $118,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1104, 1100, 1101, 1105, 1111, 1112 Lear Lane; from Straqr Properties LLC; to New Tradition Homes LLC; $135,000.

* 1186 Larkspur Drive; from Michael W. Bishop; to Darren R. Dinkelman; $237,000.

* 608 State St.; from Hobbs Properties; to Norbert W. Rakers and Deborah J. Rakers; $105,000.

* 9629 Winchester Drive aka 901 Benilli St.; from Bear Investment LLC; to Gary D. Haines and Robin L. Haines; $292,000.


* 1025 E. Washington St.; from Paul Bauer and Betty Bauer; to Robert Davis and Kari Ann Davis; $46,000.

* 4 Adderly Lane; from Joshua A. North and Sarah M. North; to Karen A. Ehret and michael K. Bangert; $38,000.

* 1172 Acers Scharf Lane; from Miller Custom Contracting; to Michael Weilbacher and Robyn Weilbacher; $91,000.


* 702 N. Smiley St.; from Carol J. Calligan; to Keeker LLC; $94,000.

* 302 Alma St.; from Rebecca Miller; to Catherine Power; $84,500.

* 220 E. State St.; from Midwest Design F & G Inc.; to Metro Inflatable LLC; $395,000.

* 1530 Peach Orchard Road; from James G. Holder and Kristine E. Holder; to Shaun L. Stinnett and Jana L. Stinnett; $190,000.

* 218 N. Cherry St.; from Martini Properties Inc.; to All Star Real Estate Solutions LLC; $42,000.

* 5115 Wesleyan Drive; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Lawrence Mangino; $315,000.

* 326 S. Hickory St.; from Jie B. Chen; to Kallie Frederick; $18,500.

* 10 Eagle Center; from First Bank; to James Marlen, Trustee; $425,000.

* 1465 Arley Hill Drive; from Southern Illinois Land Investment LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $39,500.

* 1473 Arley Hill Drive; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Anthony Mangino; $239,000.


* 2755 London Lane; from TTW LLC; to Alexander Anthony and Jennifer Anthony; $192,000.

* 227 Eden Park Blvd.; from Bruce A. Simms and Marjie Simms; to Marvin Riepe and Pat Riepe; $9,500.


* 5610 Stone Villa Drive; from Timothy G. Crites and Lillian M. Crites; to Eric M. Murray; $189,000.


* 1075 Sparta St.; from Jerry Kesler; to Jason Lautz and Julie Lautz; $121,500.

* 950 Lincoln St.; from DAniel Behrman and Barbara Behrman; to Justin Bolin and Rebecca Behrman; $125,000.

* 628 Hailie St.; from Aviston Concrete Products Inc.; to Larry King and Erica Schmitz; $156,000.


* 34 Ednick Drive; from Mary Sue Clarkson; to Jana M. Laux; $130,000.

* 3621 Moorgate Court; from Carole Jarvis; to Danette F. Smith; $172,500.

* 509 Big Bend Blvd.; from Jeff Lynn and Kathryn Lynn; to Debra M. Hegger; $153,500.



* 8201 Grand Terre Place; from Stanley C. H ammond and Christy L. Hammond; to Jeffrey L. Matthies and Juliana M. Matthies, $212,000.

* 8420 Paradise Key; from Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Paslay; to Jacob M. Smith and Holly B. Smith; $30,000.

* 430 Bluff St.; from Derek Barnard and Krista Barnard; to Gregory K. Harden and Deborah S. Harden; $149,000.

* 2611 Davis St.; from Jeffrey R. Olds, John R. Olds, Mary E. Olds; to Nicole Nasello, Charles D. Nasello, Caroline Nasello; $72,000.


* 520 B St.; from Austin W. Opp and Margaret L. Opp; to Thoams A. Davis; $130,000.

* 104 Abbott; from Darrin Singleton; to Marcus Lee Lane and Patricia Marie Lane; $132,000.


* 138 Wickliffe Ave. West; from First Colllinsville Bank; to Cynthia Fink; $101,500.

* 2 Meadowlark Court; from Michael S. Molinar and Vicki L. Molinar; to Ernest Talbott and Michelle Talbott; $243,000.

* 102 Gauen Ave.; from Deanna L. Long, deanna L. Fonner, Deanna Long Fonner, Richard C. Fonner Jr.; to Kerry Ritter; $105,000.


* 7219 Renken Road; from Gary Lee Bernhardt, Dale Bernhardt, Virginia Kay Bernhardt Singleton, Virginia Kay Bernhardt, Virginia Kay Singleton, Ronnie Dean Bernhardt, Mary Ann Brandon, Armin W. Bernhardt, Lydle L. Bernhardt, Esther L. Bernhardt; to Ryan Bernhardt and Virginia Singleton; $30,000.


* 1 Richmond Court; from Sirva Relocation Credit LLC; to Douglas D. Shapiro and Kimberly A. Shapiro; $300,000.

* 4620 Horseshoe Lane; from Babington Properties Inc.; to Robert J. Ham; $135,000.

* 8 Julie Lane; from John Wories Jr. and Joan C. Wories; to Thomas S. Crutchfield and Carrie J. Crutchfield; $292,000.

* 319 Westview Drive; from James A. Hayes and Beau Thomas Hayes; to Terry Bowser and Barbara Bowser; $60,000.


* 7046 Augusta Drive; from Jonathan L. Reader and Elizabeth A. Reader; to Jay Kohlmiller and Kristina Kohlmiller; $198,500.

* 201 Bayhill Blvd.; from Erica R. Goclan, Erica R. Alsop, Christopher J. Goclan; to Ryan Austin and Rachel Austin; $162,000.

* 2 Kaman Drive; from Paul Edward Colarusso and Cathy Jean Colarusso; to Kaman Construction LLC; $125,000.

* 3141 Birmingham Drive; from Savannah Crossing Development Inc.; to Jonathan L. Reader and Elizabeth A. Reader; $51,000.


* 3819 Stanka Lane; from Stephen M. Moore and Rebekah Moore; to Charolette S. Hall and Charlotte S. Hall; $95,000.


* 4444 Wabash Ave.; from Charlotte Johnson, Kevin H. Joyce, Velma L. Joyce; to Christopher D. Smith; $75,000.

* 4204 Lake Drive; from Harvey F. Scarsdale and May Scarsdale; to James D. Podner; $130,000.

* 2733 Willow Ave.; from Gilmore Properties Investments Ltd.; to Randall Hardy; $71,500.

* 2444 Woodlawn Ave.; from Jason R. Talley and Darold Talley; to Mary Lou Robeen; $99,500.

* 2922 Buxton Ave.; from Jeremy Rubenacker and Brian Crippen; to Randall Faulkner; $54,000.

* 2296 Gary Ave.; from Douglas D. Tuhro and Tricia A. Tuhro; to Travis Tyler; $138,000.

* 2165 Woodlawn Ave.; from Edward P. Davis and Mary L. Davis; to Angelica Krupco; $72,500.

* 2600 22nd St.; from Margaret A. Dycus; to Brandon A. Rushing and Fable S. Rushing; $55,000.

* 2909 Dale Ave.; from Michael L. Dawson; to Jacob M. Russell; $52,000.


* 137 3rd St.; from Robert M. Moore, Katie Bedwell, Katie Moore, Katie Bedwell Moore; to Justin L. Greco and Jonathan J. Greco; $77,500.


* 40 Tara Trail; from Richard J. Quinn and Janet M. Quinn; to Joseph R. Koenig and Jennifer R. Koenig; $283,500.

* 41 Lexington Lane; from Charles E. Thompson and Rebecca E. Thompson; to Sarah D. Combs; $100,000.

* 11759 Hickory Flat Road; from Bonnie J. Seitz and Jimmy D. Seitz; to William L. King and Betsy R. King; $296,500.

* 113 Verrazanno Drive; from John J. Geiger and Shelley L. Geiger; to Kevin C. McGinley and Abbey L. McGinley; $565,000.

* 12730 Iberg Road; from Robert S. Michael; to Rick L. Broske; $172,000.


* 6959 Magona St.; from Milburn Road LLC; to Musec Homes Inc.; $44,000.

* 1109 Robert Drive; from John Wayne nicol Jr. and Jamie Nicol; to Joseph T. Watson and Emily E. Watson; $177,000.


* 224 Vine St.; from Justin Steward; to Ronald Buecker and Amanda Buecker; $106,500.


* 240 Walnut Road; from Ryan D. Seger; to Ryan Seger and Shandra A. Seger, 240 Walnut Road; $200,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 13253 Lee Road; from Christopher Nobe and Hillary E. Nobe; to Jimmy D. Seitz and Bonnie J. Seitz; $173,500.


* 516 Oakwood Drive; from Robert A. Bass and Adrian E. Bass; to Joseph Plasters and Joanne Plasters; $127,000.

* 5 Oakbrooke; from Joyce E. Scaturro, Joyce E. Virgin; to Randall Luber and Sara Luber; $165,000.


* 778 Purvis Drive; from First National Bank Staunton; to Angela M. King; $130,000.


* 7404 State Route 4; from Timothy A. Ridens and Buffy M. Ridens; to Brian W. Wiegmann; $140,000.



* 524 Micah's Way; Monroe Homes Inc.; to Stephanie Fike; $210,000.

* 1221 Marien Drive; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to Jeffrey J. Parks and Shirelle Parks; $224,000.

* 3008 Croatia Drive; from Leslie A. Gummersheimer, Leslie A. Heutel, Peter J. Heutel; to Benjamin A. Hoefft; $70,000.

* 7 Seminole Drive; from Kimberly A. Quinn and Matthew J. Quinn; to Ernest C. Doiron and Shanna M. Doiron; $351,000.

* 148 S. Leo St.; from Russell A. Walster and Russell R. Walster; to Candice M. Montgomery and Jeremy R. Montgomery; $136,500.


* 1203 Maplewood Lane; from Bertha Herndon and Blayne W. Herndon; to Steven A. Lance; $185,000.

* 203 Salisberry St.; from Cynthia M. Kelley, Cynthia M. Notter, James G. Notter; to Cassie S. Kostecki; $117,000.

* 6245 Deer Hill Road; from Joseph L. Marquardt and Sharon M. Marquardt; to Angela K. Marquardt and James J. Marquardt; $100,000.

* 1323 Summerfield Drive; from Clay R. Metzger, Deborah L. Metzger, Deborah L. Mulherin; to Arthur H. Thies and Sarah E. Thies; $186,000.

* 6736 Konarcik Road; from Kathleen S. Schlemmer and Mark A. Schlemmer; to Joshua C. Loyet; $150,000.

* 7766 Forest Hills Lane; from Harry J. Breitenstein, Trustee and Roberta Breitenstein, Trustee; to Anna M. Seipp and Nathan L. Seipp; $172,000.

* 236 Grand Ave.; from Regions Bank Trust, Catherine A.Schmidt Revocable Trust, Raymond R. Schmidt, Revocable Trust; to Eric M. Boyer and Lacey Bryant; $124,000.

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