Enforce existing laws instead of writing new ones

May 26, 2013 

Sometimes lawmakers should stand outside and look in. So much concern is placed on making new laws without concern for existing ones.

Case in point, high-capacity mags for weapons. Will a nut bag wake up and think, "Hey, I'll go down and shoot up a theater or mall, but I better only use 10-round mags, cause higher capacity ones are illegal."

You already have laws against those types of actions. Those new laws will only affect law-abiding citizens who aren't going to do those things anyway because they are illegal.

If they want to change something, change the consequences for actions.

Just another thought: Lawmakers are worried about giving more scholarships to under-performing districts to encourage students to do better, or at bare minimum, attend. Some districts sometimes have 50 percent absenteeism, where students only attend under threat of incarceration.

You can't make a dog into a duck, even with a boxcar load of scholarships.

William Beers


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