Sex sells, but at what price?

May 26, 2013 

Sex, sex, sex and more sex. Is it any wonder we get the sort of depravity we apparently have going on at Althoff High School?

Everything in the media is sold using sex. To sell a car you need a scantly clad women. To sell soap you need to show skin in the shower. Interested in Satellite TV? A seductress will sell it to you. Hollywood stars barely cover their nipples, and dresses and skirts leave nothing to the imagination . Graphic sex scenes on TV programs border on porn.

Viagra is advertised as though it were candy; all men must have an ED problem Trojan sales must be waning because they are forced to sell sex toys in late-night shows. KY is the only way, whether straight or gay.

This society is obsessed with sex. Is it any wonder young people are sending pictures of their genitalia to each other?

The mixed signals this society sends to young people have to be confusing. I hope not to see any comments about this happening at a Catholic high school, because this is symptomatic of a sick society and could be any school.

When colleges have to teach ethics classes, you know we have lost our moral fiber. Morals were taught in the home, but it's very apparent that this doesn't happen anymore.

There is no test required to be a parent, and isn't that just too bad?

William H. Bremen Sr.


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