Teachers deserve our thanks

May 26, 2013 

School is out and as usual, letters to the editor complaining about teachers' three-month "vacation with pay" and other negative comments will soon appear in this page.

I ask those complainers to take a moment and remember the sacrifices made by dedicated teachers in Joplin, Newtown, and just a few days ago, in Moore, Okla. These selfless men and women -- who, quoting once again, "work only nine months out of the year" -- risked their own lives to protect the children under their care. Remember the teachers in Newtown who lost their lives. How can one forget the sight of a teacher lying in a hospital bed in Moore crying about the kids who may have been lost, or the teacher in a closet covering three little ones with her body?

I know teachers in this area and am absolutely sure they, as well as all others I haven't met, would act in the same heroic way if necessary. Let's give them a little credit and thank them for their dedication, and let's hope they will never find themselves in these unfortunate situations.

Fran Caldwell-West


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