An action without class

May 26, 2013 

All the people who are participating in the $80 million class-action lawsuit against Schnuck's should be ashamed of themselves. At the worst they were slightly inconvenienced by the credit card hacking incident. They might have had to wait for a new credit card, but they didn't lose a dime of their money.

If Schnuck's loses this lawsuit, here's what will happen:

* The lawyers will make millions of dollars.

* The plaintiffs will get a $10 gift card.

* Schnuck's will go bankrupt.

* Thousands of good-paying union jobs will be lost, many of which support working mothers and probably people they know.

* With less competition, grocery prices will go up.

Schnuck's has already been punished for this invasion by a huge loss of business. People shouldn't join the weasels and scumbags and destroy a great company for literally a couple of bucks.

Mark Kern


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