St. Clair County school retirees

May 26, 2013 

Dan Brueggeman

Barb Cadell

Al Foppe

Dorothy Mueller

Belleville Area Special Services Coop.

Linda Gruchala

Belle Valley 119

Terry Agles, cook

Tom Gundlach, head custodian

Judi Herzog

Barb Hoercher

Jean Keen

Belleville 118

Iris Anna, para, Westhaven Elementary

Peggy Anderson, music, district

Anna Calvert, supervisor, Union Elementary

Evelyn Duncan, administrative assistant, Central Office

Janice Friederich, food service, Westhaven Elementary

Dennis Mernick, West Jr. High

JoBeth Monteith, West Jr. High

Jean Ostermeier, Abraham Lincoln Elementary

Bob Yates, maintenance, district

Belleville 201

Laurie Bielong, Belleville West

Ron Clark, teacher assistant, Belleville East

Steve Garland, Belleville West

Johanna Johnson, teacher assistant, Belleville East

Julie Karr, Belleville West

Edna Quirin, custodian, Belleville West

Bill Schmidt, athletic director, Belleville West

Sandy Smith, administrative assistant, district

Rich Wittenborn, Belleville East

Brooklyn 188

Charlotte Reed, Lovejoy Elementary

Cahokia 187

Stephanie Alcorn, librarian, Cahokia High

Cheryl Conner, Morris Elementary

Kathy Duensing, Jerome Early Childhood

Shirley Gregory, Maplewood Elementary

Patricia Hendrickson, Lalumier Elementary

Pamela Jones, Lalumier Elementary

Robert Martin, custodian, Penniman

Marie Mitchom, library tech, Cahokia High

Sharon Riley, Morris Elementary

Deborah Vaughn, Cahokia High

Denise Wylie, Maplewood Elementary

Barbara Zarzeck, Penniman Elementary

Dupo 196

Kim Diesel, Dupo Sr. High

Lynn Frey, Bluffview Elementary

Jim Harres, Dupo Jr. High

Pam Novara, Dupo Jr. High

Joan Range, Bluffview Elementary

Jennifer Rhyne, Bluffview Elementary

Gayla Van Sant, Dupo Sr. High

Margie Weiss, Bluffview Elementary

East St. Louis District 189

Gregory Anthony, Detention Center

Andrew Bailey, special ed.

Susan Bauer-Gerber, Sr. High

Nellie Beckwith, special ed.

Georgia Blue, Bush Elementary

Gloria Brown-Hill, Lincoln Middle

Cheyl Byers, Lincoln Middle

Rose Colbert, custodian

Isabelle Crockett, Clerk, Wright Elementary

Opal Crosby, Lincoln Middle

Anees Daneshyar, Lincoln Middle

Shuaba Daneshyar, Dunbar Elementary

Reginald Davis, aide, Bush Elementary

Patricia Galloway, special ed., Sr. High

Josephine Glass, aide, Wright Elementary

Shelby Graham, custodian

Yvonne Gray, special ed.

Bobbie Hampton, special ed., Adams Center

Brenda Harris, Avant Elementary

Barbara Humphrey, principal, Dunbar Elementary

Delores Jackson, secretary, Lincoln Middle

Brenna Issa, Sr. High

Chandres Johnson, Special ed.

Cynthia Letner, social worker

Gloria Little, principal, Wright Elementary

Sharon Manley, Sr. High

Howard McNeese, Mason-Clark Middle

Janet Moton, special ed.

Janet Rattler, Davis Elementary

Mary Rogers, Wright Elementary

Victoria Shaw, Officer Elementary

Lois Shelby, Officer Elementary

Ivy Simmons, aide, Dunbar Elementary

Courtney Stover, aide, Officer Elementary

Brenda Sylvester, Avant Elementary

Freeburg 77

Benjamin Howes, assistant superintendent/principal

Karen Fellows

Harmony-Emge 175

Hugh Cameron, transportation director

Nancy Pfeiffer, Latchkey director

Holy Childhood

Ron Karcher, principal

Lebanon 9

Leona Hutchins, Lebanon High

Mascoutah 19

Patricia Baer, Scott Elementary

Marilyn Barttelbort, aide, Scott Elementary

Daniel Becherer, Mascoutah Middle

Patricia Garner, Mascoutah Elementary

Marilyn Fahey, Scott Elementary

Judy Hall-Ackerman, Mascoutah Middle

Deborah Horrell, Scott Elementary

Jennifer Kneschke, secretary, Mascoutah Elem.

Sally Moll, secretary, Mascoutah High

Barbara Schlattweiler, Scott Elementary

Millstadt 160

Gary Huwer, principal, Millstadt Consolidated

Curt Gericke, Millstadt Consolidated

Jeff Gaz, Millstadt Consolidated

Kathy Ritter, para, Millstadt Consolidated

New Athens 60

Tom Hull, New Athens High

O'Fallon 90

Kathy Becherer, Moye Elementary

Peggy Koehn, aide, Fulton Jr. High

Janice Linenfelser, Fulton Jr. High

Rosalie Maul, Moye Elementary

Phyllis Miesner, Hinchcliffe Elementary

Karen Miles, aide, Fulton Jr. High

Karen Mueller, Fulton Jr. High

Debbie Rowe, aide, Fulton Jr. High

Debbra Slazinik, Carriel Jr. High

Becky Vosburgh, Moye Elementary

Donna Woodworth, aide, Hinchliffe

O'Fallon 203

Judi Caveglia, Milburn Campus

Bruse Elser, Milburn Campus

Linda Gass, secretary, Smiley Campus

Michael Guthrie, assistant principal, Smiley Campus

Pontiac 105

Don Casey, aide, Pontiac Jr. High

Caroline Champion, nurse, Wm. Holliday Elem.

Gail Davis, Pontiac Jr. High

Bev Haentzler, Wm. Hollliday Elementary

Marcia Phillips, Wm. Holliday Elementary

St. Agatha

Charlotte Newbold, principal

St. Clair

Kristen Colvin

Signal Hill 181

Becky Rhein

Smithton 130

Steve York, superintendent

Whiteside 115

Diana Hartsell, aide, Whiteside Elementary

Sally Netemeyer, Whiteside Elementary

Donna Odem, executive secretary, District

Dorothy Simpson, Whiteside Elementary

Barbara Skinner, aide, Whiteside Middle

Gina Wappel, secretary, Whiteside Elementary

Wolf Branch 113

Debra Kreitner, Wolf Branch Elementary

Mike White, Wolf Branch Middle

Zion Lutheran

Jan Springer

Source: St. Clair County Regional Office of Education

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