An ID card makes teen feel a little more free

News-DemocratMay 27, 2013 

I do. It was pretty awesome. Even the picture wasn't too bad for a driver's license mug. I loved looking at that piece of laminated paper that held my life and represented my newfound freedom.

Boogie had a similar experience last weekend when she held her very own piece of plastic in her hands and felt a taste of freedom for the first time. Granted, it's only a state issued identification. But to her, it's a big step toward independence. When I first told her we needed to get an ID card for her California trip (flying alone necessitated the need to properly identify herself), she started counting down the days and told all her friends.

It was a pretty exciting thing for her, and thank goodness it was, because early bright and early Saturday morning she reminded me we needed to head to the DMV to get her ID.

I had completely forgotten about it and we would have been up a creek if she hadn't reminded me.

I sure felt old(er) as I watched her answer the questions and sit down in front of that camera. I saw 16 and a drivers license way too close. I had to remind her a couple of times that she had to answer the questions, not me. When the clerk asked her a question, she turned and looked to me to answer it. How much do you weigh? What color are your eyes? Is there any reason that prevents you from receiving a state ID?

She held the still-warm ID, noted that the picture really didn't look like her and said it was now one of her most valuable possessions. She requested a wallet to store it safely after her attempt at making a wallet out of duct tape failed. She is determined not to lose it.

It was the first time she's ever requested a wallet and my heart melted a little bit. Growing up a little bit more every day.

She has been a little bit worried about making the trip by herself. Although she insists she'll be just fine (and she will), a mom can tell when her child is worried. And she was.

But that officially-issued piece of plastic seems to have worked wonders for her. It makes her feel more mature, more grown up. More capable of navigating a plane change in a big airport all by herself.

That was probably the best $10 I've ever spent, for a little plastic rectangle with her grinning mug affixed to it.

And knowing she's feeling more capable and confident alleviates some of this momma's worries about her kid's first solo plane trip across the nation.

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