Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 2, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 2405 Ben Hogan Court; from Charles Throckmorton IV an dBrooke Throckmorton; to Matthey L. Cotter and Tonay Cotter; $259,500.

* 26 N. 13th St.; from MO Seven LLC; to Andrea K. Kronenberger; $13,500.

* 417 N. Virginia Ave.; from Thomas Jackson; to Candice Smith-Williams; $75,000.

* 7 Golden Bear Court; from Jim Pietroburgo and Sheila Pietroburgo; to Amy J. Florek; $85,000.

* 320 River Laurel Ave.; from Sarah J. Schultz; to Maurice Spates and Star Spates; $120,000.

* 320-324 Lebanon Ave.; S & G Holdings LLC; to John Kues; $24,000.

* 215 Garden Blvd.; from Keith L. Johnson and Laurie A. Johnson; to Michael G. McFarlane and Joseph M. McFarlane; $173,000.

*1807 N. Charles St., from Jeremy Muelchi and Erin Fitzpatrick; to Jordan Knop; $79,500.

* 313 Edbrooke Drive; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Stacey M. Graf and Matthew J. Graf; $195,000.

* 149 Rio Verde Drive; from Jeffery L. Cook and Hope C. Cook; to Janelle Rosado; $93,000.

*28 Rosehaven Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Cheyne Carroll; $36,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 20 Pebble Hill; from Rhonda Lee Levan; to Michael L. Brady and Edith A. Brady; $164,500.

* 1317 N. 17th St.; from Regions Bank; to Philip Tegtmeier; $75,000.

* 321 N. 41st St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Shannon Bridges; $32,704 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 410 S. 17th St.; from Penny K. Kessler by POA; to Robin L. Heiken; $63,000.


* 430 Garrison Ave.; from U.S. Bank; to EH Pooled 313 L.P.; $17,500.

* 1114 Richard Drive; from Great Southern Bank; to Darwyn Buchan; $1,500.


* 30 Acordi Drive; from Lola J. Cline, Diana L. Logan, Thomas W. Watts, Barbara A. Cole; to Donald Tinsley and Twila Woodruff; $41,500.


* 210 Echo Wood; from Newbury Place Reo III LLC; to Lerch Homes; $82,000.

* 3 Green Ridge Drive; from Larry J. Collins and Trevia J. Collins; to Robert Briggs III; $177,500.

* 2621 Black Lane; from Ralph Luna; to Daisy Hernandez and Carlos Acosta; $10,000.


* 832 Autumn Rise Lane; from F & F Land Company LLC; to Jason P. Donjon and Maren L. Donjon; $48,000.


* 428 Carter Drive; from Matthew P. Klopmeyer and Jamie Klopmeyer; to N. P. Dodge Jr., Trustee; $105,000.


* 512 N. 82nd St.; from Stanley D. Roger; to Isaiah W. Beckum Jr.; $1,500.


* 5 Burcham Drive; from Brandon B. Storm; to Jarred White; $175,000.

* 215 Kadlec Drive; from William R. Thompson and Beth M. Thompson to Kayla R. Adams; $103,000.

* 628 Wild Horse Creek Road; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Kevin L. Lyles and Sonia Lyles; $174,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 411 Marcinah Lane; from Bradley S. Pauley and Leslie R. Pauley; to Brandin S. Foster; $95,000.

* 1414 First Ave.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Patricia A.Dancy; $7,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 745 Willow Spring Hill Drive; from McBride and Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Johnnie K. Lee; $212,000.

* 155 Frey Lane; from MArk Hellmuth; to James J. Mruzik and Charla J. Mruzik; $105,500.


* 8316 Peabody Road; from Mark E. Dietzel; to Jo Ann Moore; $35,000.


* 13 St. Joseph Drive; from Ronald T. Sampson and Jill E. Sampson; to Sara J. Daniels Schultz; $179,300.

* 201 W. Dee St.; from John Pepper and Leroy P. Dawson Jr.; to Penelope Harrison; $20,000.


* 8807 Radolph County Line Road; from St.Clair County; $48,900 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 9629 Winchester Drive a,s 901 Bernelli St.; from Bear Investments LLC; to Gary D. Haines and Robin L. Haines; $292,000.

* 9641 Weatherby St.; from Daniel Feder Builders Inc. and Gerald Feder; to Robert Stookey and Melissa Stookey; $250,000.


* 4 Adderly Lane; from Joshua A. North and Sarah M. North; to Karen A. Ehret and Michael K. Bangert; $38,000.

* 316 E. Gooding St.; from Lynn Ann C. Webb; to Jason E. Rains and Cindy M. Rains; $144,000.

* 563 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from Garrett E. Johnson, Herschel E. Johnson, R.E. & Development LLC; to Thaddeus P. Courtney; $231,500.


* 9019 Range Drive; from Lani Kay Starr; to Dean Crowl and Karen Crowl; $2,500.


* 10 Eagle Center; from First Bank; to James Marlen, Trustee; $425,000.

* 1465 Arley Hill Drive; from Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $39,500.

* 1119 Illini Drive; from Wade R. Holen and Connie M. Holen; to Joshau D. Vaderford and Theresa Vanderford; $189,500.

* 800 Reiss Road; from Kenneth Sheppard and Robin Sheppard; to Roy H. Bullock Jr. and Brenda J. Bullock; $104,500.

* 915 Blackhills Drive; from Maria Corona; to Sandra K. Cifuentes; $10,500.

* 902 E. 3rd St.; from Ronald J. Hillen; to Stephen Cable and Ashely Mason; $133,000.

* 104 Homestead Ave.; from Robert W. Collins; to Anavel Ramirez; $60,000.


* 214 Wingate Blvd.; from TTW LLC; to Dettmer Homes of Illinois; $25,000.

* 120 Shiloh Ridge; from Dettmer Homes of Illinois; to Erin N. Flanagan; $150,500.


* 5614 Stone Villa Drive; from Mary K. Kibort; to Christopher S. Thumann and Kathryn T. Thumann; $165,500.


* 509 Big Bend Blvd.; from Jeff Lynn and Kathryn Lynn; to Debra M. Hegger; $153,500.

* 3261 Moorgate Court; from Carole Jarvis; to Danette F. Smith; $172,500.

* 4060 Bassen Drive; from Peter Rao and Faye Rao; to Adam Tiberi; $220,000.


* 4654 Timber View Drive; from Jeffrey L. Elsing and Teri L. Elsing; to James Patrick and Danielle Grimsley; $305,000.



* 5036 Valleyview Drive; from Linda S. Carrow and Martin J. Carrow; to David R. Marshall and Lisa R. Marshall; $350,000.

* 810 Logan St.; from Kenneth Church; to Kacie Bendtsen; $79,000.

* 3501 Fullerton Ave.; from Nancy Eicken and Nancy Landry; to Joshua Thomas Pogue and Lisa M. Pogue; $87,000.

* 710 Franklin St.; from Chris Raymond Altenbernd and Deanna L. Altenbernd; to Amanda M. Whitlock and Daniel Whitlock; $123,000.


* 812 Wildwood Drive; from Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Ryan Armstrong; $90,000.

* 229 St. Marys St.; from Charles R. Higgins and Gail K. Higgins; to John R. Huber; $68,000.

* 213 Ashbrook St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Matthew A. Norris; $123,000.


* 19 Somerset Place; from William L. Brayton Jr. and Martha E. Brayton; to Ann Peters; $205,000.

* 129 Clay West; from Carl A. Courtright Jr. and Patt Courtright; to Roy Miller and Chassidy V. Miller; $116,000.

* 5 Summit Trails Court; from Travis A. House; to Demetrius D. Barefield Sr.; $137,500.

* 304 Dana Drive; from Sheldon W. Perry and Marianne Perry; to Jamie L. Furfaro; $143,000.

* 408 Cypress Creek Road; from Roger I. Gillespie and Carol J. Gillespie; to Angela Boehne and Klete Boehne; $150,000.


* 856 Madison Ave.; from Larry Best; to Noel E. Cooper and Joann M. Cooper; $91,000.

* 3470 Manassas Drive; from Brian P. Rudd and Krista J. Rudd; to Eric H. Wigton and Katie L. Wigton; $328,000.

* 3618 Arbor Lake Drive South; from Robert C. Ozmun and Kelly J. Ozumn; to Leonard R. Hawkins; $498,000.

* 10 Sharpsburg Court; from Sarah Lund Allen, Sarah Lund, Sarah Allen; to John W. Skivers and Kaethe Skivers; $275,000.

* 3720 Ridge View Road; from Cornel H. Broenner; to Edward Adelman and Kris Adelman; $485,000.

* 9 Forest Hill lLane; from Troy Walton and Anne Walton; to Patrick M. Perry and Karis L. Perry; $355,000.

* 224 Seminole St.; from J K Moseley Inc.; to Christopher L. Wren; $168,000.

* 904 Prickett Ave.; from Robert A. Simmons, Tara J. Simmons, Tara J. Gorbett; to Melissa Annette Armstead; $122,500.

* 171 Meadow Ridge Trail North; from Susan N. Eaker and Thomas L. Eaker; to Kari E. Eaker; $250,000.


* 3115 Alexandria Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Ryan Mahoney and Katie Mahoney; $260,000.

* 60 Lucinda; from Richard I. Thompson and Ashley Thompson; to James A. Goodman; $156,000.

* 11 Oakshire Drive West; from HSBC Bank USA, Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp. Home Equity; to Robert L. Carpenter and Connie K. Carpenter; $189,500.

* 136 Oakshire Drive East; from Mike Walter; to Jason A. Huck and Jessica L. Huck; $283,000.

* 6 Rose Court; from Jacqueline F. Pierson; to Michael Collignon and Michelle D. Collignon; $287,500.

* 85 Morningside Drive; from Chad Tobin and Emily Tobin; to Justin Kuehnel and Christine Kuehnel; $186,000.

* 133 Meredian Oaks Drive; from Hunziker Homes Inc.; to Shane Shafer; $270,000.

* 112 Prairie Manor Drive; from Cynthia A. Huppert; to Alan G. Brnadmeyer and Melissa Heumann; $251,000.

* 511 Notre Dame Ave.; from Linda M. Stolitza; to Kenneth R. Neher and Dawn D. Greenwood; $122,000.


* 3517 Rosenberg Lane; from Georgia Lee Fairbanks and John A. Fairbanks; to Mark A. Wombles and Lajune Hallman; $110,000.

* 915 Robert Drive; from Susan E. McCaninch; to Galen W. White; $112,000.

* 7000 Chambers Road; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Edward Hoffmann and Tina Hoffmann; $158,000.

* 722 Winter Lane; from Emogene M. Vogt, Emogene Vogt Trust; to Bobbi Russell; $72,000.


* 1933 Pontoon Road; from Joseph T. Watson and Emily E.M. Watson; to Carlos Belmontes; $80,000.

* 2900 Warren Ave.; from Justin A. Kuehnel and Christine Kuehnel; to Shawn Lindsey; $71,500.


* 15 Augusta Drive; from Nicholas R. Lappe and Angela R. Lappe; to Jacob R. Bickline; $198,000.

* 4826 Cedar Spring Drive; from Corey Frey, Edyth Reinacher, Edyth Frey; to David D. Wilson II; $152,000.

* 12737 Pocahontas Road; from Claudia Hofer; to Nathan A.R. Schoen; $124,000.


* 600 Oregon St.; from Charles W. Owens, Mary Ann Little, Mary Ann Owens; to Leroy Deunger; $238,000.


* 21 Pin Oak Court; from Michael S. Matikitis and Linda S. Pfeffer; to William Grover Ray and Marsha Marie Ray; $242,000.

* 2105 Tuscany Ridge Court; from Milburn Road LLC; to Michelle L. Corey; $28,500.


* 118 Dee St.; from Kathi L. Cooper; to Danielle A. Clayton; $107,500.


* 173 Jessica Drive; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Mary Elizabeth Curry; $158,500.


* 515 Coventry Road; from Jimmie D. Evans; to Brian Butts and Brittany Sauget; $178,000.

* 22 Wheat Drive; from Joseph A. Reeves and Ruth E. Reeves; to George Kruse and Meadrith Kruse; $177,500.

* 30 Claybrooke Court; from Joseph E. Osborn an Donald P. Osborn; to Sundance Home Development Inc.; $39,500.

* 99 Sugar Mill Road; from Maryann Purcell, Amy Lynn Zinda, Bradley Allen Purcell; to Anthony S. Raciak and Erica D. Raciak; $187,000.


* 60 Penning Ave.; from Jodi Lutz, Jodie Shaw, Jodie Shaw Lutz, Cole S. Lutz; to James Brenton and Lisa Brenton; $34,500.

* 104 Crestview Drive; from Mark G. Stinson and Jackie L. Stinson; to Zachary T. Ruabe; $116,000.


* 8429 Prairietown Road; from Zachary Schilling and Christy Schilling; to Brandon M. Triplett and Whitney Triplett; $112,000.



* 418 N. Metter Ave.; from Micahle E. Roediger, Co-Executor and Laurie A. Werenberg, Co-Executor; to Deborah S.Roediger; $125,000.

* 402 W. Bottom Ave.; from Lacy L. Andra and Mike Andra; to Nicholas Doerr and Jaime Erb; $94,000.

* 211 W. Washington St.; from Home Town Living LLC, Daniel M. Poettker and Tina R. Poettker; to Joshua D. Boyer and Kayla A. Boyer; $117,000.

* 2422 Lakeshore Drive; from Brena M. Starr and Phillip Warner; to Zachary Kolb and Andrea Metzger; $187,000.

* 424 N. Kaempfe; from James L. Kossina, Heir & Devisee; to Allison D. Busby, Benjamin K. Busby, Benjamin Kyle Busby; $116,000.

* 406 Adeleine Drive; from Palmer Development Inc.; to James F. Sanft and Janell K. Sanft; $64,500.


* 5160 S. Fork Road; Wilma G. Holcomb; to Leon R. Mueller; $145,000.


* 3429 Russell Drive; from Amy M. Halleran and James P. Halleran; to John A. Gill; $240,000.


* 700 Rehling Drive; from Karen M. Hewitt; to Jennifer Buettner and Randy Buettner; $30,000.


* 2256 Turke Ridge Estates; from James E. Logan and Therese D. Logan; to Caine A. Hoefft; $250,000.

* 5611 State Route 156; from Mark T. Niemietz and Rebecca M. Niemietz; to Timohty M. Schueler; $131,500.

* 514 N. Moore; from Eric L. Sutton; to Todd A. Goessling; $142,000.

* 1116 Driftwood Lane; from Michelle R. Guebert, Michelle R. Surman; to Brandi S. Hitzemann and Kyle D. Hitzemann; $161,000.

* 8201 Meadowfield; from Kenneth S. Rutter and Dia L. Rutter; to Cheryl A. Rayot-Tannous and Jamil M. Tannous; $360,000.

*800 & 802 Marney Lane; from Diane F. Sendelbeck and Thomas C. Sendelbeck; to Steven B. Stewart; $205,000.

* 6108 Illini Trail; from Kathy D. Rensing and Scott E. Rensing; to Sharon Hallowell; $269,000.

* 7967 Grizzley Hollow; from Robert Smeathers and Tonya Smeathers; to Bettany A. Beshears and Christopher J. Beshears; $330,000.

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