Learning from Molina

June 6, 2013 

There's a silver lining in the recent brouhaha between Cardinals star catcher Yadier Molina and the umpires.

For those who might have missed it, he was mad at himself after a close play at first base and made his frustration known by throwing his helmet. Actually it was more like he two-handed slammed it into the turf, but that's beside the point.

The junior umpire at first base took exception to his bad behavior and gave him the old heave-ho, throwing him out of the game. That just added insult to injury and Yadier charged, having to be restrained by his manager, coaches and other umpires.

I wonder what a player plans to accomplish by attacking an umpire. Even Yadier seemed to pause to ponder that, between becoming aware that he'd been tossed and charging on like a bull. He was already out of that game and proceeding could only lead to other negative ramifications.

This whole unfortunate fiasco, witnessed by countless fans in the park and watching on TV, can serve as an excellent teachable moment. Coaches and parents, take note: Tell your players that when they throw helmets or lose their temper, bad things will happen. Use Yadier as an example that no one is above the law and we all must play by the rules and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

As the proud grandpa of a 6-year-old T-ball player, I thank Yadier for his poignant example to learn from.

Bill Malec


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