Waste and the Defense Department

June 7, 2013 

Rep. Bill Enyart's bill requiring the military to develop just one style of fatigues for all branches of the military is so embarrassing.

No, not that the Belleville Democrat introduced the bill but that Congress has to hold the hand of the Department of Defense to get it to do its job correctly.

This should have been a no-brainer for the Defense Department, which was facing tight budgets long before sequestration. Instead, military fatigues have become the new symbol of government waste and inefficiency.

Prior to 2002, all the branches of service used the same style of fatigues. That made fiscal sense. But the Government Accountability Office said that since them, the services have spent millions of dollars designing and redesigning seven styles. Worse yet, the Air Force and Army developed uniforms that weren't suitable for the troops in Afghanistan and had to replace them at additional taxpayer expense.

Did anyone lose their jobs or get demoted or even transferred as a result of this waste and inefficiency? We doubt it.

The Department of Defense apparently can't police itself, so good for Enyart and his fellow lawmakers for stepping up. But again, how embarrassing.

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