Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 9, 2013 



* 1127 Dawn Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Thomas Moore and Andrea Moore; $25,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 25 Beykirch Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to B & T Building Concepts Inc.; $24,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2726 Brookrun Drive; from Dana Peterson and Dolores Peterson; to Michael Cresswell and Dana Alesaski; $145,000.

* 316 Roanoke Drive; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Haven Finders LLC; $57,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1511 W. Boulevard; from Lila L. Goedelmann; to Gary A. Stambaugh and Lila J. Stambaugh; $45,000.

* 2733 Autumn Harvest Lane; from Jason Anton Smith and Andria Mandy Smith; to Christine M. Alexander and Christopher Alexander; $187,000.

* 132 Sagebrush Drive; from David Berry; to Michael Schaab and Colleen Schaab; $270,000.

* 318 S. Virginia Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ruth Ann Dooley; $38,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 6109 Leo Drive; from Donnie Shevlin; to Ronald C. Gasper; $79,000.

* 908 S. 74th St.; from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; to James L. Shelton and Mary J. Shelton; $34,000.

* 4 & 6 Cedar Hill Drive; from Stephanie Gonzales; to Alexander J. May; $3,000.

* 29 Howard Drive; from Earl Keller Jr. and Faye Keller; to Andrew D. Large Sr. and Christine L. Large; $54,000.

* 205 Blue Ridge Drive; from Cara N. Bonfiglio and Nicholas J. Bonfiglio; to Daniel Peil; $112,500.

* 1812 W. F St.; from Arizona Historic Properties; to Joseph Mueller; $86,500.

* 3030 Roland Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Raenita Y. Wallace; $47,600 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 3701 White St.; from Stanley J. Martka Jr.; to Asar Investments LLC; $2,500.

* 828 Jerome Lane; from Donald C. Odum and Kathleen M. Odum; to Rodney Thomas and Tammie R. Thomas; $40,500.

* 311 Green; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $27,500.


* 8735 Maple Ave.; from Melinda P. Grider, Melinda P Smith, Stephen P. Grider; to Efrain Rivas-Torres; $55,000.

1001 Crooked Stick Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Karla Arnotti; $266,500.


* 815 Autumn Rise Lane; from F & F Land Company I LC; to Rolwes Construction Inc.; $55,000.


* 8929 Hillslope Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc; to Deangelo Franklin; $12,000.

* 717 N. 73rd St.; from Kenneth W. Chitty Marial Trust, Donna G. Chitty, Trustee; to E & L LLC; $3,000.


* 219 Arbor Meadow Court; from Terry Thies and M. Lynn Thies; to Steven Dossett and Amy Dossett; $55,000.

* 9725 Ridge Heights Road; from Heirs at law to Charlotte A. Walz, Deceased; to Sean O'Heir; $62,000.

* 630 Ember Crest Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Anne M. Keck; $166,000.

* 7341 Timberpoint Court; from Susan J. Silver and Gordon D. Smith; to Karen H. Shorts; $245,000.


* 322 Sleeping Indian Drive; from Great Southern Bank; to William E. Sheppard; $17,000.


* 514 Acorn Way; from Robert A. Bruley Jr. and Darlene M. Bruley; to Michael E. Stevens and Rebecca J. Stevens; $287,500.

* 2151 Quarry Road; from Robert A. Stone and Martha A. Stone; to Douglas P. Wagner; $229,000.


* 8811 Randolph County Line Road; from Mary A. Thomas-Rehmer; to St. Clair County; $7,374 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 601 S. Main St.; from Dale C. Westerman; to Carla R. Bowen; $10,000.


* 20 N. County Road; from Lynda Ann Nollau and Wayne Leon Stelzer; to Mary A. Mattingly; $65,000.

* 9655 Winchester St.; from Gary L. Usselmann; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $48,000.

* 9928 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Bret L. Derr; $229,000.

* 322 N. Independence St.; from Bret Rasch and Megan Rasch; to Timothy Sisson and Andrea Sisson; $105,000.


* 6512 Augies Way Place; from Brent King and Lori King; to Thomas Ninnis and Elizabeth Ninnis; $246,000.


* 207 N. Market St.; from Jane L. Janssen Rieso and Clark Norman Rieso; to John M. Ries; $91,000.

* 701 South Clinton; from Rodney W. Cockrell Sr. and Cheri L. Cockrell; to Leonard R. Reilmann and Deborah A. Reilmann; $101,000.


* 246 Fieldspring Court; from Giovanni K. Tuck and Susan D. Tuck; to Ryan T. Madison and Emily D.B. Madison; $177,000.

* 1217 Rutherford Ridge; from Richard L. Vouk and Mary S. Vouk; to Dwight K. Dorau and Jane E. Dorau; $420,000.

* 1125 River Birch Drive; from David E. Jones; to U.S. of America U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; $222,832 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5120 Wesleyan Drive; from Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC; to Patricia Prosser; $39,000.

* 241 Eagle Ridge; from Donald P. Sheehan; to Rhonda Strom; $81,000.

* 709 Erics Run Drive; from Thoma sC. Griesbaum and Marsha Griesbaum; to Henry E. Moore Jr. and Dollie M. Moore; $244,000.

* 929 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Field Walters and Vergie L. Branch; $251,500.

* 532 Ingleside Lane; from Dennis Wieman and Julie Wieman; to Daniel A. Fri; $450,000.

* 407 Bandmour Place; from Associated Holdings LLC IV; to Lisa A. Randolph; $219,000.

* 5136 Wesleyan Drive; from Southern Illinois Land Investment LLC; to Catherine John and Leroy John; $39,500.

* 1405 Clifton Way Court; from Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $38,500.

* 107 White Pine Ave.; from Pamela Lynn Skelton; to Phillip L. Hocher, Debra A. Hocher, Margie L. Hocher; $110,000.

* 1234 Ruppel Lane; from Steve Stevenson and Christine Mangolo Stevenson; to David A. Pritchett and Cassidy M. L'Hote; $329,000.

* 1029 Heatherwood Drive; from John B. Massey and Deborah A. Massey; to Lorri Reed and Jason Reed; $174,000.


* 2618 Cascade Lake Drive; from Joseph M. Chappell and Sonia L. Chappell; to Richard C. Lewis; $242,000.

* 10 Eagles Landing Drive; from WBI Resolution LLLC; to Lee Ayers and Martha Ayers; $188,000.


* 4603 Baywood Lane; from Andrew C. Nimmer and Gina Nimmer; to Danny Ray Brewer and Janice Ann Brewer; $210,000.

* 14 N. High St.; from Joseph Michael Finch and Leola Faye Finch; to Linda J. McPherson; $107,000.

* 16 Arlington Court; from Ann M. Conaty; to Candice S. Savage; $143,000.

* 5537 S. Woods Manor; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Daniel A. Tobbe and Lazara Tobbe; $215,000.

* 228 Cass St.; from Andrew C. Stehl, Kate E. Beanblossom, Kate E. Stehl; to Lauren L. Stehl; $110,000.

* 10 N. Johns Drive; from Thad Lucas and Rebecca Lucas; to John Heffernan and Amber Heffernan; $153,500.


* 123 Pawnee; from Hubert Nebgen Trust; to Nancy K. MacNutt and Lynn W. MacNutt Jr.; $69,000.

* 2 Hollyridge Court; from Brian Barton and Terrie Barton; to Nicholas Hilpipre; $260,000.

* 2501 Sullivan Drive; from U.S. Bank Trust NA Trustee; to Donna A. Morgan; $90,000.


* 4721 Timber View Drive; from Kyle Conrad and Beth Conrad; to Whalen Custom Homes Inc.; $41,000.



* 238 Maurice; from Lauri Sue Langley; to Dean R. Schmitt and Shannon A. Knight; $95,000.

* 2624 Walnut St.; from Federal Home Mortgage Corp.; to Evelyn K. Forrester; $40,000.

* 540 6th St. East; from Phillip Schneider and Phyllis Schneider; to Heather L. Mayhew; $103,000.

* 3601 Wickenhauser Ave.; from Bobby J. Howard and Rose Mary Howard; to Joseph Cacciottoli and Ann Cacciottoli; $40,000.

* 2014 Washington Ave.; from Michael Carter and Jessica Carter; to Theresa Johnson Collins, Theresa Johnson, Theresa Collins; $42,000.


* 506 Arizona St.; from Robert L. Lowrance Jr.; to Ryan Doolin and Samantha Doolin; $141,524 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 610 Montana St.; from John D. Carveiro and Lori Carveiro; to Christopher L. Johnson; $121,500.


* 510 St. Louis Road; from Citizens Community Bank; to JRG Holdings Belleville LCC; $80,000.

* 741 Troy Road; from Mandy M. Williams; to Joshua Stephen Chambliss; $112,000.

* 323 Brown Ave.; from Bettie M. McGee, Bettie M. Townsend; to Tammy L. Wattleworth; $72,500.

* 120 Main West; from Scott Jacob and James Jacob; to Uptown Capital Partners LLC; $35,000.

* 1288 Ridgewood Court; from Ethel Janel Dyer and James W. Dyer; to Kathy L. Bires; $80,000.


* 48 Halleck; from Scott L. Phillips and Rachelle Phillips; to Kevin Jeffreys; $117,500.

* 216 Fillmore St. North; from Bev George Associated Inc.; to Brandon Kozak, Gregory J. Kozak, Patricia M. Kozak; $220,000.

* 5 Brookside Court; from Luke C. Smith and Andrea K. Hinkle; to Taylor S. Allgaier and Brittany N. Allgaier; $122,000.

* 17 Weybridge Court; from Michael H. Pearman and Mary J. Pearman; to Brandon Storm and Alison Storm; $248,000.

* 516 Bollman Ave.; from Caroline L. Chavez, Caroline L. Wood, Joshua Chavez; to Rachel Werner, Valerian Eversgerd, Karen Werner; $127,500.

* 6611 Liberty Prairie Lane; from William A. Baugh and Tammy R. Baugh; to William D. Coulter and Donna Coulter; $188,000.


* 32 Ginger Creek Parkway; from Hansen Builders Inc.; to Sharon Joiner; $245,000.

* 108 Oakshire Drive East; from Christopher L. Bunselmeyer and Janice L. Bunselmeyer; to Heather R. Brooks; $218,000.

* 204 Oakshire Drive East; from Remington Properties LLC; to Christopher Bunselmeyer and Jance Bunselmeyer; $280,000.

* 21 Glen Ed Professional Park; from Haroon Randhawa Properties LLC; to DCMTB Properties LLC; $265,000.

* 124 Michelle Drive; from Earl L. Westergom and Susan K. Westergom; to Richard E. Hobbs and Andrea M. Sargent; $242,000.


* 119 Alby North Court; from Michael D. Paslay; to Eric Ferenbach; $145,000.

* 1003 Taylor Ave.; from Travis Robert Tarrant and Ali Lyn Tarrant; to Jeffrey J. Klunk; $117,500.


* 4135 Melrose Ave.; from Kenneth D. Herrin and Lori L. Herrin; to Clyde David Ninness Jr. and Deborah J. Ninness; $80,000.

* 4025 Division St.; from PNMAC Mortgage Opp Fund Investment; to Gilmore Properties Investment Limited; $31,500.

* 3033 Circle Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Glen A. Wilson Jr.; $28,000.

* 3419 Lydia Lane; from Wise Choice Properties Inc.; to Larry Kessler and Betty Kessler; $159,000.


* 17 Bur Oak Drive; from Judy Keeven Durbin, Judy Keeven, Judy Durbin, Stephen James Durbin; to Judy K. Keeven and Stephen James Durbin; $90,290 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1865 Robins Mill Court; from Brandon M. Schneider and Emily Ann Schneider; to Pacifico P. Palmes Jr. and Consuelo Grace Y. Palmes; $230,000.


* 69338 Midway Drive; from Audrey Friedel; to Stephen M. Vogel and Susan A. Vogel; $120,000.


* 4731 Ahrens Ave.; from Richard E. Hobbs and Andrea Sargent; to Shirley Rhama; $86,000.


* 608 Woodland Hills Road; from John C. Lacopo and Mary B. Lacopo; to Andrew Shubert and Alison Shubert; $323,000.

* 6 Parkland; from Ginger S. Williams and Donald L. Williams; to Douglas D. Fitch Jr.; $177,000.

* 108 Ridge Crossing Lane; from AMC Helldoerfer LLC; to Sean M. Wolters and Kendra A. Wolters; $70,000.


* 132 12th St.; from Mark S. Adams and Diane D. Adams; to James A. Velloff and Christine R. Velloff; $22,000.

* 211 Bonita St.; from D. J. Johnson and Eleanor Kay Johnson; to Jason M. Tuck and Julie A. Tuck; $78,000.



* 14 Pinehurst Court; from Clifford A. Asselmeier, Trustee; to David A. Asselmeier Jr.; $165,000.

* 240 S. Ferkel; from Marni Fults and Rodney A. Fults; to Adam G. Woehlke and Christian Woehlke; $34,000.

* 1123 Marien Drive; from Ashlea Ansell, Scott Ansell, Ashlea Hibshman; to Brian L. Wheeler and Roxanne L. Wheeler; $235,000.

* 14 Christina Court; from Charles A. Lester and Phyllis J. Lester; to David K. Brown, Shelli J. Brown, Shelby Marra; $265,000.

* 2814 Overview Drive; from Lindsey Reuss and Michael Reuss; to Malisa L. Webb and Tony A. Webb; $195,000.


* 105 Oak Court; from Jared A. Coats and Rebecca S. Coats; to Donald S. Deppe; $112,000.


* 7 Victor St.; from Theresa Lynn Hoffman, Trustee; to Desirae L. Hardy and James D. Hardy; $135,000.

* 8605 Henke Court; from Ashley R. Jarden and Lloyd W. Jarden; to Jason R. Thomas and Michelle K. Thomas; $45,000.

* 1224 Sherwood Lane; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $31,000.

* 717 N. Market St.; from DG Partners LLC; to SCH Waterloo LLC; $1,446,000.

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