Issues beyond racism

June 10, 2013 

What's the history of bigotry in the blue states? In the decades following the Civil War, blacks made tremendous gains in employment and housing. In many cities whites and blacks lived peacefully on the same streets.

Then came the black migrations out of the South into Northern cities during World Wars I and II. Those blacks came looking for jobs. They were uneducated, uncultured rural people who did not know how to live in urban areas. Because of them, the previously acculturated blacks lost the gains made in race relations.

Democrats have governed the big cities since the 1940s. What is their record treating blacks? Blacks were pushed further into ghettos and given government handouts, which instead of helping them out of poverty actually made blacks more dependent on government assistance. Due to this assistance, the black family unit disintegrated. Fathers abandoned their wives and children. Black men fathered children with many women. Witness a recent news story in which a black woman lamented she had three "baby daddies" for her children and these men did not support those children.

The problem with liberals who accuse conservatives of bigotry is that they keep bringing up racism but they don't realize who is behind it. It is not conservatives, as they self- righteously believe.

Liberals need to get their facts straight and quit seeing racism behind every tree. Yes, there is a history of racism and intolerance in this country but we are making huge strides to overcome it. Liberals don't want to acknowledge this progress because then they might have to look for solutions for problems facing the black community. These problems include the breakdown of the family, unemployment double and triple that of whites, high rates of black-on-black crime and the appalling education afforded blacks.

John Simon

Fairview Heights