Can Cardinals afford to put Carpenter at third?

Posted by Scott Wuerz on June 11, 2013 

Could the Cardinals really afford to put Matt Carpenter at third base to make room for second base prospect Kolten Wong?

That seems to be a popular idea. But the Redbirds are already vulnerable to left handed pitching. So it seems like it would only make things worse to add Wong's lefty bat to the St. Louis lineup in place of David Freese's right handed bat.

Let's not forget that Oscar Taveras also bats left handed. That leaves a potential lineup of:

2B Wong (L) 3B Carpenter (L) LF Matt Holliday (R) 1B or RF Allen Craig (R) RF or 1B Matt Adams (L) RF or CF Taveras (L) or Jon Jay (L) C Yadi Molina (R) SS Pete Kozma (R)

There would be little choice than to start four lefties on a daily basis. That's an argument for bringing back switch hitter Carlos Beltran for another year, although he is widely regarded as a much better hitter from the left side. I just don't see how the Cardinals can afford to walk away from Freese as long as he's healthy and productive.

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