Looking for an old record? Campaign buttons? Check out this sale

News-DemocratJune 12, 2013 

Paul Lindauer is offering everyone a chance to do some cultural archaeology this weekend.

He is filling up St. Luke Parish Center with thousands of records, books, magazines and who knows what and allowing the public to rummage through it all.

It's not quite the challenge that a real archaeological dig involves but it will take a lot of looking to find the treasures among the thousand of items.

You will connect with the past as you peruse such items as records, both 45s and albums, by such iconic artists as Disco Tex & the Sexolettes.

You can revisit old television shows through copies of old St. Louis Post-Dispatch television booklets and TV Guides.

You can read about pyschorientology as promoted by Harry McKnight in a 1972 book, a philosophy which I had never heard of.

The giant sale is Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the parish center. Admission is free.

If you are looking for certain items, Lindauer may be able to help you. But again, you probably will be on your own.

On Wednesday he was beginning to unpack years of accumulation from sales, auctions and estates he had collected.

He said over the years, his father, Mel Lindauer, and he would set up at flea markets and specialty shows to sell "stuff." Mel died in April and some of his stuff will be in the sale.

There were dozens of boxes of record albums still wrapped in tape that had been stored for years

"I don't even know what's in there," Paul said.

Lindauer, 52, is a dealer in paper ephemera and memorabilia but through the years has gotten a lot more stuff than he wanted.

"I bought a bunch of estates during the last couple of years," he said. "Sales, garage sales, auctions, all added to the collection. I have to get rid of this hoard of stuff.

"It's things I have picked up through opportunity, lack of judgment or a weak moment."

All collectors know those moments.

He said there are some things he really doesn't remember.

"I have hundreds of vintage dress patterns," he said. "There are thousands of vintage magazines, $1 each. There are thousands of posters at 50 cents each."

Some of the stuff that came in someone else's collection might be in order. But much is not.

He has sheets and sheets of sheet music, a couple of boxes of political campaign buttons and even a few plastic sleeves of vacation slides. And who knows what he might have uncovered while unpacking on Wednesday.

The action starts Thursday at 4 p.m.

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