Get ducks in a row on permits

June 12, 2013 

Having lived in St. Libory since 1957, I guess I have become complacent about how our small town functions and what rules, regulations and bylaws are in place.

Recently I decided to put up a carport. I thought I would need a building permit to get things started. I contacted a board member and he was able to get the permit and brought it to me and I paid him $285.

Well, it seems I didn't start things in correct order. I should have started with financing first and let the other things required fall in line. I had wanted to do this and thought I was capable without involving my children. Wrong. Mea culpa.

I was unable to get financing from our bank in town and was hoping to get the permit money returned. I called St. Clair County and was told it could not return its share and I was informed St. Libory wouldn't return its share, either. Later, the board member told me the return was turned down because it would set a precedent.

Seniors who decide to take on something like this on their own need to be sure to have all their ducks in a row first or they might have some unwanted expenses.

It taught me a lesson. Now I'm older and wiser.

Mary A. Surmeier

St. Libory

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