Justice on separate tracks

June 13, 2013 

On the same page of the BND were two stories about theft. One was about Jesse Jackson Jr., the other about a financial advisor. My point is if you steal money it's a crime regardless of the amount.

Jackson used his campaign money and his salary, his wife used her salary and some campaign money to buy lavish furniture and clothes. Jackson even paid $43,000 for a Rolex watch. What an expensive time he must have had. A $49 watch would have given him the same time.

The government lawyers want Jackson to do 57 months and pay $750,000 restitution. Believe me, that won't happen. The Jacksons have two kids and the lawyer wants sentences staggered so one parent will be in jail at a time. How convenient. I think they should have thought of this beforehand. I have no doubt they both will be released on probation.

Next case involves the financial advisor stealing from investors. This guy faces 40 years in jail, not 57 months. What is the difference? They all broke the law, but sentences vary. One is a politician, the other a working man.

I can hardly wait to see if it is better to steal from government or citizens.

Charles V. Lyerla


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