Obama's administration puts Bill of Rights at risk

June 14, 2013 

Obama's administration, or what has happened to our great nation? Since Obama was elected the truth has become a major casualty in his administration. Today the capital of America is Obamaland, and it's not the land of honesty, integrity, truth and respect for our Constitution.

The president's administration attacks the First, Second, and Fourth amendments as if they didn't exist. His Gestapo-like Environmental Protection Agency allegedly leaked personal and business information on ranchers and farmers to left-wing environmental groups. His IRS targeted Tea Party and other groups for their political beliefs while his Department of Justice targets reporters who disagree with Obama's socialist agenda. Next we have surveillance and snooping by the National Security Agency. All of these groups of the either have or had the opportunities to target Americans for investigation who choose to exercise their constitutional rights.

Surveillance, snooping, political corruption? Who knows due to the secrecy of this administration. But these similar incidents seem to indicate a series of attempts by the Obama administration to dismantle our Bill of Rights through abusive power, intimidation and fear.

Chapo Jones