Transparency necessary in treasurer's report

June 14, 2013 

The Collinsville five-member City Council was recently apprised of the need for the 2012 Treasurer's Report to be published by June 30. This letter is to encourage our taxpayers to take notice of the easily understood use of their money required to be published by state law.

Its noble purpose is to inform the public, but it is published in a manner that does the opposite.

The size of the print is not regulated so the past reports were hardly readable. The law also says to show the total paid to each person. But the treasurer can be less transparent by electing to use six different categories.

The 2011 report for salaries of $75,000 to $100,000 contained 72 names. But 10, excluding benefits, had salaries of more than $90,000. I believe the council should compel the treasurer to discontinue the use of the category election.

With all of our current, fast means of calculation and communication, the 2013 report should be published at least by April 30. The treasurer just recently notified me the 2012 report would be published by June 30.

Previously it was published in the Collinsville Suburban Journal that now prints only on Wednesday, giving possibilities of June 19 or 26. The report could be on the agenda for the council regular meeting on June 24. The publication date should be announced online along with the report itself being online.

Transparency of the report will make Collinsville a better place to live.

Bob DesPain


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