NSA surveillance policies predate Obama

June 14, 2013 

I appreciated the creativity of Glenn McCoy's recent editorial cartoon comparing President Obama's "government surveillance" ears to Pinocchio's nose. His point, however, struck me as another case of Obama bashing,

In the early 1950s I was stationed on the west coast of Japan in an Air Force communications intelligence unit that monitored

Russian and Chinese radio messages from North Korea and Vladivostok. Before I left Japan in 1954, our Air Force Security Service, Army Security Service and Navy Security Service were all combined into NSA, the National Security Service.

Our intelligence-gathering abilities then pale in comparison to NSA's capacity in today's computer age, The policies for that gathering were established during the George W. Bush administration under Homeland Security guidelines with congressional oversight. So McCoy should not blame it all on Obama.

But I do remember political cartoons that emphasized the size of W's ears.

Ray Hollmann

Fairvew Heights

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