Memories are a measure of a dad

June 15, 2013 

I have written about 1962, the way life was then, and the things that influenced my life. The fondest memories I have about that year almost always include my father while we spent time together fishing, playing catch, playing corkball, bowling and listening to and going to Cardinal baseball games. That year we won the father and son bowling tournament at Midway Bowl in Fairview Heights.

That's the year I got my six-finger Trapeze baseball glove signed by Ernie Broglio and saw Stan "the Man" Musial belt homeruns at Sportsmans Park. That year I listened as Stan hit three home runs against the New York Mets at the old Polo Grounds. My Dad "went crazy" as we listened to the game on the radio.

We'd take the radio out to the carport on summer days and wash and wax the Valiant and barbeque ribs or pig snoots as we listened to the greatest baseball team in our world . My dad loved Harry Caray and later in life hated him when he left for the Chicago Cubs.

I remember those great times now each time I spend a day with my son, watching or listening or even going to a St. Louis Cardinal game. All sons should have the kind of memories I have of my father. The world would be a much better place if fathers spent more time with their sons and daughters.

Michael Ray Dillier


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