Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

June 16, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, included St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 522 S. 18th St.; from Marilyn J. Fox, Administrator; to Francis J. Vernier; $14,500.

* 502 Catawba Ave.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Andrea Kronenberger; $16,000.

* 37 Mar Jacques Drive; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Atif Khan and Lisa Khan; $83,900 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 4 Periwinkle Circle; from Peggy Beal and Ahnissa R. Means; to Herschel Parrish and Elaine Parrish; $13,000.

* 3226 Stonebridge Drive; from Mark A. Tampow Jr. and Katie Tampow; to Shameka Nicole Gant; $171,500.

* 528 Belvedere Drive; from Harbour Portfolio VII LP; to David E. Foree and David D. Foree; $23,000.

* 2217 Jack Nicklaus Drive; Tammy Heffner; to Benjamin R. Louden and Kelli Louden; $332,000.

* 1604 E. Main St.; from Joseph B. Haake; to Stephen B. Reeb and Beverly A. Reeb; $35,000.

* 1410 Raab; from Ernest Dvorachek Estate; to Scott Jacob; $49,000.

* 29 N. Virginia Ave.; from Jeanine Carol Flake; to Stanley Robison and Barbara Robison; $80,000.

* 615 S. 10th St.; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Kerry Brethauer; $36,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 731 W. Lincoln; from Alice J. Freppon and Larry Freppon; to Mark Menges; $58,000.

* 2310 Spruce Hill Terrace; from Delores Meng; to Stanley Dulle and Judith Dulle; $138,000.

* 2218 Trowbridge Court; from David Hill; to Latoya Young; $140,000.

* 57 Innsbruck Lane; from Glen E. Moore; to Jake D. Pratt and Kristen M. Pratt; $139,000.

* 1809 Tenth Fairway Drive; from Daniel D. Gotwald and Donna Jane Bellis; to Marc S. Jarlsberg and Kari L. Jarlsberg; $352,000.

* 812 W. Harrison St.; from Jeffery Shawn Tyler and Kari Tyler; to Patrick J. Brydon and Kelleen M. Stokes; $21,000.

* 6, 8, 10 S. Church St.; Katie B. McDaniel and Edmund R. McDaniel; to Colonia Group Inc.; $70,000.

* 6 Red Fox Road; from Margaret May Katt; to Matthew Gomric and Renee Gomric; $340,000.

* 502 N. 28th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to St. Clair County IGD; $33,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 502 N. 28th St.; from St. Clair County IGD; to Reliable Building Services; $33,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2126 Lynn St.; from Wayne Chamberlain; to Larry Nelson; $22,500.

* 121 St. Barbara; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $36,000.

* 405 E. 5th St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $33,000.

* 9 Ruby; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $30,000.

* 125 Kinder; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $35,500.

* 1703 Andrews; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $34,000.

* 1531 Marseilles Drive; from Robert R. Raffety, Trustee; to Robery Rafferty and Carol Yovandich; $20,000.

* 509 St. James Lane; from Shari E. Accord and Margaret Accord; to Jason D. Sinn; $15,000.

* 1720 Theodore Lane; from Brian Hernandez and Charlene Hernandez; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $18,500.

* 1720 Theodore Lane; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to K & E Homes LLC; $27,500.

* 1725 Park Lane; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to K & E Homes LLC; $27,500.


* 8725 Sterling Place; from Christine M. Slesinski and Billie M. Albright Jr. to Sade Investsments LLC; $17,000.

* 1024 Hollow Valley Court; from Christopher B. Seeberger; to Derrick Grant; $275,000.

* 817 Jessica Drive; from E.J.S. Custom Homes; to Herrin Construction Co.; $20,000.

* 219 W. Morris St.; from Marcellus L. Obernuefemann; to Martin Scott and Phyllis Scott; $60,000.

* 643 & 645 Hill Road; from Ernest Brannon; to Melinda Garett and Herbert Garrett; $65,000.


* 4801 Lake Drive; from Annie L. Chism-Williams, Ann Williams; to David Crockett and Alice Faye Crockett; $35,000.


* 826 Kaestner Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Tygracon Properties Inc.; $35,560 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 8201 Boul; from Robinson Realty LLC to Irish Springs LLC; $40,000.

* 810 N. 84th St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $35,500.

* 803 N. 84th St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $32,000.

* 7123 Park Place; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $37,000.

* 902 Wesley Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $32,000.


* 14 Stacy Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Stephen G. Guithues; $47,826 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 104 Chateau Drive; from Eric M. Fryman and Jamie Fryman; to Brian W. Banks and Gabrielle A. Banks; $129,500.

* 821 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Aldi Inc. to Brittany Hettenhausen; $195,000.


* 755 Cemetery Road; from Janet M. Ellsworth; to Larry J. Rhutasel, Trustee and Marjorie M. Rhutasal, Trustee; $183,333.


* 24 Bernhardt Road; from Bruce E. Reno and Robin L. Reno; to Jason M. Boone and Rebecca L. Wilson; $259,000.


* 9909 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to James Philip Eugene Serrett and Mary Christina Serrett; $187,500.


* 108 W. Washington St.; from Millstadt Pharmacy Inc.; to Todd M. Evers; $30,000.

* 6505 Auggies Way Place; from Jeffery Dosier and Heidi Dosier; to Robert L. Petri and Sandra S. Petri; $46,500.

* 6508 Cypress Court; from Margaret J. Deibel; to Jeffery J. Biermann and Elizabeth Biermann; $45,000.


* 1022 & 1024 South St.; from Timothy J. Fiedler; to Lynn C. Eichelgerger and John Fiedler; $90,000.


* 1392 & 1348 Frontage Road; from Michael C. Walker; to The Storage Center of O'Fallon LLC; $3,500,000.

* 1524 Lincoln Farm Road; from Yumiko Turner; to Debra Beckstead; $155,000.

* 438 Schwartz Road; from Keith Page and Kelly Page; to Thomas Gulbronson and Hitomi Gulbronson; $235,000.

* 1101 Edgewood Drive; from Dorothy Blackwell and James A. Blackwell III; to Michael H. Mayo and Brianna C. Mayo; $210,500.


* 2633 Greystone Estates Parkway; from Greenmount Greystone LLC; to Fulford Construction Inc.; $34,000.

* 1436 Manchester Drive; from Lana Denning; to Nicl Steinke and Amanda Seiffert; $150,000.

* 1524 Barton Drive; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Michael K. Davenport and Kathy Davenport; $186,500.

* 134 Maple St.; from Rebecca Albers, Rebecca Bryson-Ritchey; to Catherine Hungate; $130,000.


* 4827 Ledgestone Drive; from Smithton Development Co.; to Thad D. Lucas and Rebecca L. Lucas; $218,000.

* 5177 White Oak Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to William R. Thompson III; $281,000.


* 3882 Michael John Drive; from Christopher Jones and Marissa Jones; to Eric Fryman and Jamie Fryman; $205,000.

* 1519 Caleb Court; from David M. Rakers and Leslie E. Rakers; to Robert E. Schultz and Stephane L. Schultz; $284,000.


* 10860 Sunnyside School Road; from Darrell Parker and Traci Parker; to Christ Brother Properties LLC; $50,000.



* 1901 Fairmount Ave.; from Scott M. Monahan; to Scott M. Monahan and Margaret A. Monahan; $86,400 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 534 Arizona St.; from Gateway Home Builders LLC; to Kara M. Wright; $135,000.

* 272 Gabrielle Circle; from Darin R. B iesk and Tammy T. Biesk; to Scott W. Combes and Shanna L. Combes; $269,500.


* 1284 Ridgewood Court; from Tiffany A. Robbins, Tiffany A.Rushing, Scott Rushing; to Justin William Bingheim; $134,000.

* 320 Sycamore St.; from Richard D. Grab, Glenna W. Grab, Kenneth C. Waltermire, Phyllis A. Waltermire, Edward E. Bluemner, Lois J. Bluemner; to Donald G. Smith Jr. and Rhonda L. Smith, $70,000.

* 1217 Ridge Ave.; from ISO Acqusitions Inc., I S O Acquisitions Inc.; to Kyle Touchette; $83,000.

* 610 Bluff Road North; from Town Tennis LP; to 4128 Mississippi Street LLC, Forty One Twenty Eight Mississippi Street LLC; $2,425,000.


* 102 Pleasant Ridge Drive; from Allan B. Culberson III, Alan Culberson III, Nancy J. Culberson; to Jason Krapf; $252,000.

* 7348 Kindlewood Drive; from Renfro Construction Inc.; to Red State LLC; $267,000.

* 1087 Prestonwood Drive; from Daryel E. Buesking; to Christopher Deweese and Rachel Deweese; $285,000.

* 514 Gueltig Ave.; from WBC Development; to LJC Partners LLC; $130,000.

* 1113 Cobblestone Drive; from Christopher R. Deweese and Rachel M. Deweese; to Charles E. Keller and Marlie V. Keller; $178,000.

* 6409 State Route 140; from Ronald L. Goldsmith and Mary A. Goldsmith; to Brian K. Hemmer, Leisa M. Hemmer, Doanld W. Hemmer, Claudine Hemmer; $207,000.


* 500 Briarstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Philip G. Weiss and Cara L. Weiss; $353,000.

* 141 Ellington Court; from Scott Osborn and Shawn Hartmann; to Daniel R. Thompson and Jennifer L. Thompson; $275,000.

* 1 Timber Stone Court; from Construction Solutions 4 U Inc., Construction Solutions Four U Inc.; to Earl L. Westergom and Susan K. Westergom; $427,000.

* 163 Smola Lane; from Christopher Schaeffer and Pamela Schaeffer; to Ellyn J. Karcher and Gregory B. Karcher; $325,000.


* 11-8 Camelot Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Sec. Housing Urban Development, U.S. Dept. Housing Urban Development; to Taylor S. Pehrson and Carlie C. Pehrson, $36,550 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5106 Little Creek Lane; from Amy B. Korsos, Amy Pruitt, Eric Pruitt; to Jeffrey D. Alderman and Cindy L. Alderman; $160,000.


* 2968 Indiana Ave.; from Randall Craig Knox, Michelle C. Speer, Andrea R. Knox, Andrea R. Schroeder, Andrea R. Knox Schroeder; to Elmer D. Jackson and Nina L. Jackson; $90,000.

* 2529 25th St.; from Roger L. Cook and Janet M. Cook; to Charles Sullivan; $70,000.

* 2905 Madison Ave.; from Rusty Gene Davis and Teresa Jo Davis; to DPM Investments Inc.; $85,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1641 Venice Ave.; from Shawnette Hagan, Shawnette Smith, Todd Smith; to Leah F. Woodson; $61,000.


* 405 Trotter Drive; from Martin R. Springer and Janice R. Springer; to Gary Brasfield and Heather Brasfield; $222,000.


* 13236 Fawn Creek Road; from Barry J. Kauhl and Shelley A. Kauhl; to Jonathan C. Starwalt and Sheri Jo Starwalt; $365,000.


* 480 Park St.; from Treva J. Chartrand and Joseph T. Chartrand; to Matthew T. Crider; $54,000.


* 110 Koala Cove; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Chad Edwards and Jenna Edwards; $220,000.


* 2012 Pinehurst Way; from Scott Lucas and Michelle Lucas; to Cynthia M. Kolda and Angel L. Appel; $208,000.


* 206 Rose Ave.; from TJW Properties LLC, T J W Properties LLC; to Alexander J. Beers and Zachery L. Hall; $62,500.


* 204 Harbor Mill Drive; from David L. Dias and Cheryl R. Dias; to Danielle W. Oleary III, Daniel W. O Leary III, Jennifer L. Oleary, Jennifer L. O Leary; $276,000.

* 623 Brentmoor Drive; from Terry L. Creath and Maureen A. Creath; to Joseph Biver; $180,000.

* 718 Troy O'Fallon Road; from Adam Ryan Poletti and Lisa Poletti; to Thomas Gene Watson and Judy D. Watson; $255,000.

* 109 Mary Drive; from Louis H. Simpson and Karen S. Simpson; to Randy G. Frey; $115,000.

* 605 Wood Thrush; from Robert E. Davis and Lois A. Davis; to Matthew McCain; $204,000.


* 614 1st St. North; from Secretary Veterans Affairs, Sec. Veterans Affairs, U.S. Dept. Veterans Affairs; to Patricia Bott; $71,000.

* 320 Elble; from Robert W. Butz Sr. and Gladys S. Hoyt; to Anthony K. Nalley; $37,000.


* 132 Brook Road; from Jimmie L. White and Judy P. White; to Randy G. Gower and Cheryl E. Gower; $235,000.

* 820 McGaughey St. West; from Paul W. Gusewelle and Evelyn Gusewelle; to james Havlin, Stacy St. John, Stacy StJohn; $260,000.



* 551 Wernings Drive; from Jason Member Frentzel and Quantum Homes Inc.; to Craig M. Sever and Nancy M. Sever; $314,000.

* 1 Pinehurst Court; from Russell L. Dillon; to Julie R. Lengfelder; $127,500.

* 109 Lakewood Drive; from Brian S. O'Connor; to Alan L. Helfer and Heather M. Helfer; $162,000.

* 536 Micah's Way; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Sara K. Richter; $210,000.


* 105 Lucy's Landing; from Jeannie M. Wood; to Jason A. May and Lauren M. May; $339,000.

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