Edwardsville, Glen Carbon to negotiate boundary agreements

News-DemocratJune 16, 2013 

Edwardsville and Glen Carbon are preparing to negotiate a new boundary agreement between their territories, and likely will need an extension of their long-standing agreement to do so.

Edwardsville and Glen Carbon leaders have been discussing a two-year extension of the original boundary agreement between the municipalities, which draws a line between them to limit annexation.

"Our boundary agreement with the city is set to expire soon, and the village needs to start the process to renew the current boundary agreement before it expires," said Glen Carbon Mayor Rob Jackstadt. "The boundary would remain the same. If and when approved by both boards, it would simply extend the existing agreement."

In 1993, the towns agreed not to annex over a line that runs east and west along Mick Road, behind what is now the YMCA's Meyer Center on Goshen Road.

That was a 20-year contract, which is set to expire this year.

"The idea now is to extend it for two years, during which we can negotiate some changes that reflect how the communities are growing," said Terry Bruckert, attorney for the village of Glen Carbon.

Edwardsville City Administrator Ben Dickmann said the two mayors had discussed the extension to give newly sworn in Edwardsville Mayor Hal Patton a chance to get settled into office and open the discussion on potential changes to the agreement.

The boundary between Edwardsville and Glen Carbon that already exists is somewhat jagged, fluctuating north and south between the Ginger Creek area and Center Grove Road. At one point the line crosses between two hardware stores that sit next door to each other: Home Depot is in Edwardsville, and Lowe's is in Glen Carbon.

The agreement does not prevent a developer from seeking services from one community or another, Dickmann said, but it does stop the towns from aggressively pursuing annexation into the other's potential territory.

The two-year extension only continues the agreement already in place. But looking forward, Dickmann said officials will have to look at the growth patterns of Edwardsville and Glen Carbon. The current agreement "really does not address the future of anything east of I-55," he said.

Patton said they intend to look specifically at the future of the I-55/Illinois 143 corridor.

"There are some areas where we share interest," he said. "Mayor Jackstadt and I are looking to see how we can come to agreement."

Edwardsville has similar arrangements on the west side, Patton said, where it shares the Gateway Commerce Center with Pontoon Beach. "We don't split hairs about what part of Gateway Commerce Center these things are in," he said.

Bruckert said the agreement extension will need to be posted for 30 days and must be accompanied by legal ads, so the process will take some time. He expects that the Glen Carbon Village Board will vote in August.

Dickmann said the extension is being discussed in committees of the Edwardsville City Council.

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