Progressive values clarified

June 17, 2013 

In a letter June 7, William D. Coulson states that "the progressive agenda is based on a godless platform and socialism -- both of which are counter to our country's founding principles." He either misinterprets or does not understand progressive values.

First, the United States is a secular nation that makes political platforms godless because there is properly a separation of church and state. A god belongs in the church and the home and not in our government, schools, universities and science.

For those who disagree, the first question everyone must ask is which god do they want in government? There are about 70 million Americans who are not of the Christian faith, so what should we do with them and their beliefs? For those who are Christian, which branch?

Second, socialism should be read as citizenship. Every law passed by Congress should be natural; no one gains or is hindered by the law. Today we see a factory closed and hundreds are laid off as the jobs are sent to another country for lower wages. The company still makes a profit and the shareholders still receive their dividends. Congress wants to cut back on spending (unemployment benefits) and refuses to raise taxes on the profiteers who pay a lower tax rate than wage earners.

Too many people confuse the communist theology of Marx, Lenin and Stalin, etc., with socialism. They cannot get past the propaganda of the Cold War era.

David L. Eilering

Glen Carbon

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