Let's watch the watchers

June 18, 2013 

In the beginning, computer technology was advertised as the ultimate answer to safe storage of large amounts of information. Well, partly true on the large amounts. It's not safe from prying eyes and electronic surveillance by power-hungry politicians under the guise of, "We're here to help and protect you."

It has long been known that electronic messaging sent through the air can be intercepted, diverted, decoded or deleted by other programs. To believe that computers, telephones, cell phones or other equipment is totally safe is like believing that it is a good idea to put a starving fox in charge of gathering the eggs and feeding the chickens.

The law may forbid looking at or using this stored information, but since when did this stop crime? With so much information at their fingertips, the temptation to sneak a peek is overwhelming.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to store a certain amount of personal information but this must be kept to a minimum, just as the size and powers of government must be limited for the citizens to govern rather than politicians and tyrants. Big government creates chaos, chaos creates confusion, confusion blurs events. That's what big government wants.

Like so many things, a little bit is good, but a whole lot is not. Let's reverse this from the government watching the people to the people watching the government.

Lew Hiatt


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