Consequences of corruption

June 18, 2013 

Hey, come on, I know BND cartoonist Glenn McCoy can see it: the St. Clair County courthouse sinking beneath the waves after striking iceberg Michael Cook, the judge who resigned after a drug arrest, and all the rats bailing out the windows.

The chief judge says this is not example of Democratic corruption given that U.S. Attorney Steve Wigginton is also a Democrat. No one ever said all Democrats are bad, but some in St. Clair County are. Only two counties in the state use centralized ballot counting system, where ballots are only counted in one place, not at the polls: Cook County and St. Clair County. Hard to find anyone skeptical of Democratic corruption in either one.

The Democrats have been playing ball on a million-acre field with no referee for years. Not all the players are corrupt, but then in a one-sided game they don't all have to be. Either way we lose.

William Beers


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