Liberals, wise up

June 19, 2013 

Letter writer Joseph Reichert doesn't like what I write but loves every statement Gene Robke makes. Therefore my rhetoric is based on "slander, innuendo and balderdash" while Robke's is pure gold.

Reichert implies that I get my ideas from talk radio. I seldom, if ever, listen to talk radio and Reichert has no facts to support his claim. Therefore his statement is conjecture, innuendo, supposition and a flat-out lie. Isn't that what he accused me of doing?

How about his final analysis, that history will say that President Obama has saved the country from financial collapse? That's not a fact, it's an opinion. What a hypocrite.

Reichert also says that Robke uses facts backed up by "popular press and any valid source." Is that a statement Reichert can verify? The most popular news organization in the country is Fox News. I doubt that Robke goes there for data.

Robke ignores the perfidy of the Obama administration, the huge national debt, the fact that Obama has wasted almost a trillion dollars on useless projects, high unemployment and numerous scandals to write letter after letter blaming President Bush for everything. Fair-minded people use facts to arrive at a valid conclusion.

Robke starts with the presumption that President Bush is guilty of everything and works backwards, many times using unrelated and outdated information. It's time he and Reichert got into the real world.

Leon Anderson