Obama insults Americans

June 19, 2013 

President Obama once again thumbs his nose at the American people, showing that his almost obscene arrogance is only overshadowed by his complete disdain for us, the American people.

Case in point is his appointment of Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor after she went on national TV the morning after our ambassador and three other Americans were killed by Muslim terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. As you may recall she went on five Sunday morning news shows to tell the whole world that the attack that killed those four Americans was caused by a response to some anti-Muslim movie, which was pure hogwash.

She was either lying, can't read, is just plain stupid or will preach the White House's line no matter what the truth is. Whichever is the case, it sure doesn't warrant a promotion to that very sensitive office. In my opinion, she is the absolute worst kind of public servant (nothing but a complete Obama toady).

Hope the people who voted for Obama are real proud of him now. They made him president of this great country and he does not pack the ability to run a night shift at McDonald's.

Larry McClintick