Delaney denies new allegations of groping women

News-DemocratJune 20, 2013 

— Former St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney regularly groped women in his office, grabbing their buttocks, breasts and telling one female worker that she had a "nice rack," according to an additional section of an attorney's report on how he ran his office.

Delaney said all of the allegations against him are false and are being made by disgruntled employees.

The additional findings, which were not available to the media on Wednesday because of a faxing glitch, also state that four additional employees might file actions in state or federal court against Delaney.

The investigation, which led to the 54-year-old Delaney's resignation Wednesday, stemmed from complaints by former clerk employee Laura Romero, who was fired by Delaney but has since been rehired at the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department. That investigation was conducted by lawyer Laura K. Beasley, the county Equal Employment Opportunity officer.

The additional allegations, based on interviews with 20 employees, state:

* Four employees said Delaney behaved inappropriately, including commenting that one woman had a "nice rack," and suggesting that he and that worker "should have sex." He also is accused of "...whispering in someone's ear how her hair cut 'turns him on.'"

* Seven women workers state Delaney grabbed their buttocks at work.

* A total of 13 women workers say that Delaney kissed them on the "...face, cheek and lips."

* Eleven women in the office said Delaney's "inappropriate conduct" included "hugging people and touching their hips."

Delaney said Thursday: "This is all a set-up by a few disgruntled employees. I deny everything. If this was really a pattern of behavior by me, why did it take 34 years for it to show up?"

Delaney worked for the county for 34 years. He became the county clerk in 1999.

Delaney said some employees in the clerk's office didn't like having to work.

"You know why I get called a bully? Because I make them show up for work on time," he said.