SIUE got it right the first time

June 20, 2013 

"SIUE officials have canceled plans for a roundup of wild geese to be humanely captured to be taken to centers for processing into meat for needy families. This was a great idea, and it is shameful it was canceled because of complaints by "animal rights" types who like to pretend that nothing should be killed.

The wild goose population on the campus is massive. They can cause injury if they attack anyone while protecting their nests. They also cause disease because of their droppings. Large amounts of goose manure in lakes and ponds cause higher nitrogen levels. This results in less oxygen, possible fish kills, disease contamination and large algae blooms.

I grew up on a small farm and am used to butchering animals for meat. I also still hunt deer. Animals should be killed humanely and the meat used for food.

People today have no connection to Nature and don't understand where their food comes from. I'm sure some people who oppose the goose roundup don't think twice about grabbing chicken from a fast food restaurant. Chickens that are raised for fast food on factory farms don't have a good life.

Wild geese are impressive birds. But they are way too numerous on campus. There are not enough coyotes to control the population. The goose roundup should go ahead. Natural death for geese means being pulled apart by predators, or painful, slow death from disease. Humane slaughter causes little pain. Which is better? I rest my case.

Larry L. Brown

Glen Carbon

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