Not the same Patriot Act

June 20, 2013 

I am reminded of the story of two men standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change. Between them

is a dog. The one man asks,"Does your dog bite?"

The other man says it does not but when the man goes to pet the dog, it bites him.

"Hey,you said you dog doesn't bite/"To which the other man says, "That isn't my dog."

While letter writer Ray Hollmann is correct when he says the Patriot Act was drafted under the Bush admininstration, he neglects to tell us the senator who wrote the the legislation recently said the Obama adminstration has exceeded those guidelines when it ceased to apply for warrants only for those with known terrorist ties and instead cast so broad a net to include any American citizen. Doing so violates the Constitution.

This is no longer our dog and he does bite.

Mark Godwin


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