Why the media looked away on Gosnell story

June 21, 2013 

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder and involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison. The mainstream media censored the news. The trial had exposed America's abortion holocaust, equal to the 1945 Nuremberg atrocities of the Nazi holocaust.

Marc Lamont Hill (Huff. Post Live) stated, "I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it'll compromise abortion rights. There's a direct connection between the media's failure to cover this and our political commitments on the left."

The house of horrors was exposed again by Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., on May 23 at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 1797), which bans infanticide of survivors of elective abortions. Franks showed graphic botched abortions and infanticide provided by many employees of abortuaries, including Gosnell's house of horrors, America's death camp, which dates back to 1972.

Gosnell's partner, Harvey Karman, introduced "super coil," an abortion device, to 20 unsuspecting women in Philadelphia. This device consisted of a ball, not unlike a medieval mace, encapsulated in a gel that was inserted into the womb to kill the baby. This also caused maternal hemorrhaging and hysterectomies. It was dubbed "The Mother's Day massacre." Karman, with the help of International Planned Parenthood Federation, tested his abortion-inducing super coil in Bangladesh.

The Rev. Frank Pavone asked the court for Gosnell's boxes of frozen aborted babies, baby body parts and his trophies, encased tiny baby feet, for Christian burial because courts denied their right to life.

Esther Koch


Clinton County Citizens for Life