Firewood will be moved

June 21, 2013 

This is in response to the Sound-off June 10, "Alderman's eyesore."

Thanks for the citizen's reminder regarding the location of my firewood. I sincerely apologize to constituents and supporters for the oversight on the location of my firewood being on city right of way. Although I have had no complaints for storing my firewood in the same location for approximately 11 years, I assure all concerned that I will take immediate corrective action.

As an elected representative I remain proactive to my constituents' observations/complaints as all elected officials should be. People should please feel free to contact me directly on any future complaint they may have as I am totally approachable to communicate with them and will address their concerns. I also encourage all elected officials to embrace the same direct communication approach to constituents, supporters and to colleagues as well.

Scott Greenwald

Ward 3 alderman

Fairview Heights

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