Our freedoms under assault

June 21, 2013 

Well, the Marxists and the Kool-Aid drinkers are attacking the Second Amendment again. They continue to beat the drum of gun confiscation.

You would have to be a complete idiot to give up your guns. The Founding Fathers said if you give up your guns for safety's sake, you will lose your guns and safety. If you think tyranny is bad now, with the attacks on freedom like wiretap and IRS attacks, well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

When you give up your guns, history will repeat itself just like in Germany, Russia, China and all other countries that gave up their guns. Their governments killed 200 million people after they were relieved of their guns.

People need to stay vigilant. They are on a mission to destroy freedom and America. Those who follow Obama will follow him right to the gates of hell.

Steve Kassa Jr.