Can't we get some Michelins?

June 21, 2013 

You know those "road alligators" that you see driving down the interstate, the ragged strips of rubber left when an 18-wheeler throws off a retread? We also see those a lot in our public offices -- political retreads.

We can't seem to find fresh, energetic folks with new ideas or accomplishments in other areas. We keep going back to the same, predictable, safe folks that we've used before.

Republicans and Democrats both practice the art of the safe choice, as we saw again this past week.

Scandal rocked St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney out of office. Who took a cut in pay to replace him within 24 hours? Former state Rep. Tom Holbrook, who was retreaded as the Illinois Pollution Control Board chairman and now as county clerk.

Addiction and crime took St. Clair County Circuit Judge Mike Cook away, and Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier appointed a well-worn fellow Republican, Steve McGlynn. McGlynn was previously appointed to both appellate and circuit judgeships before this latest tap.

Both Holbrook and McGlynn may be great guys who serve admirably and steadily after the chaos of scandal, but maybe we should expect more than just cushioning the ride with the "Gerald Ford" brand of retread.

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