2013 News-Democrat Large-School Baseball All-Area Team

News-DemocratJune 22, 2013 

Drew Curtis, Edwardsville, Sr.

Keaton Wright, Triad, Sr.

Coach of the Year

Jesse Bugger, Triad

First Team

Pitcher: Jordan Felax, Triad, sr.

Pitcher: Ryan Netemeyer, Mascoutah, jr.

Pitcher: Cole Hagen, Edwardsville, sr.

Pitcher: Jake Haberer, Highland, sr.

Catcher: Brent Gibbs, Alton, sr.

First Base: Nick Droste, Alton, sr.

Second Base: Joel Mason, Highland, sr.

Shortstop: Aaron Meyer, Belleville West, sr.

Third Base: Jake Haberer, Highland, sr.

Outfield: Blake Graham, Edwardsville, sr.

Outfield: Ron Wisnasky, Alton, sr.

Outfield: Jeff Hahs, O'Fallon, jr.

Outfield: Ethan Ruff, Waterloo, sr.

DH: Brendan DePoy, Columbia, sr.

Utility: Mitch Carriger, Highland, sr.

Second Team

Pitcher: Sam Bassett, Belleville East, sr.

Pitcher: Cory Renois, Belleville West, sr..

Pitcher: Tanner Houck, Collinsville, jr.

Pitcher: Parker Beine, Belleville West, jr.

Pitcher: Bryan Hudson, Alton, So.

Pitcher: Tyler Herbert, O'Fallon, jr.

Catcher: Chad Spanberger, Granite City, jr.

First Base: Paul Suess, Collinsville, sr.

First Base: Jake Daily, Granite City, sr.

Second Base: Nick Van Osdale, Belleville West, sr.

Shortstop: Joseph Duncan, Highland, jr.

Third Base: Tanner Hudson, O'Fallon, sr.

Outfield: Zack Mathes, Collinsville, jr.

Outfield: Mitch Carriger, Highland, sr.

Outfield: Evan Dake, Columbia, sr.

DH: Ray Bailey, Alton, sr.

Utility: Brandon Hoguet, Belleville East, sr.

Honorable Mention


Ray Bailey, Alton; Taylor Brumfield, Waterloo; Austin Buzick, Granite City; Mitch Carriger, Highland; Blake Deatherage, O'Fallon; Josh Fleming, Columbia; Grant Geppert, Highland; Tyler Greene, Mascoutah; Robert Guithues, O'Fallon; Brad Henry, Alton; Zach Lindsay, Mascoutah; Zack Mathes, Collinsville; Tim Nicholson, Cahokia; Jeremy Rettig, Waterloo; Zach Sparks, Edwardsville; Paul Suess, Collinsville; Jakob Thomas, Triad


Austin Bammer, Belleville West; Maciek Milas, Mascoutah; Logan Mueth, Waterloo; Alec Pizzini, Edwardsville; Brenndon Tindall, O'Fallon; Nick Yung, Freeburg

First Base

Brendan Dauber, Mascoutah; Tim Nicholson, Cahokia; Tyler Zappia, Highland

Second Base

Jacob Fisher, Edwardsville; Cody Massey, Triad; Rob Pearson, Mascoutah; Isaiah Sarpy, O'Fallon; Zach Schaab, Waterloo; Chris Smith, Freeburg


Austin Caravia, Freeburg; Reed Greatting, Columbia; Colin Holton, O'Fallon; Chris Mathes, Collinsville; Ryan Netemeyer, Mascoutah; Danny Snyder, Belleville East

Third Base

Reid Hoffman, Waterloo; Brandon Hoguet, Belleville East; Matt Hopkins, Alton; Tanner Houck, Collinsville; Dalton Johnson, Triad; Camren Shewfelt, Columbia; Zach Stieb, Highland


Domonic Blaylock, Belleville East; Marty Brunk, Belleville East; Tyler Carpenter, Triad; Lucas Criley, Triad; Blake Deatherage, O'Fallon; Nathan Fritz, Freeburg; Alex Godair, Granite City; Dalton Kuehnel, Granite City; Zach Lindsay, Mascoutah; Nick Paulda, Alton; Austin Waugh, Mascoutah


Jordan Askins, Granite City; Anthony Garza, Belleville East; Matt Mersinger, Triad

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