Where's the outrage over furloughs?

June 22, 2013 

Well, on Thursday the majority of us civil service employees at Scott Air Force received our official furlough notices, and not a peep about it from the media.

Millions of middle class Americans are being purposely targeted for political purposes and the only outrage we see is from inside our ranks.

With this furlough at my pay grade, I will lose approximately $510 a paycheck until October. We are being forced to take two unpaid days off every two weeks. This pay loss will not only affect me and my family, it will affect America as a whole.

When the FAA announced its furlough, there was outrage in Washington because our hard-working elected officials realized that the FAA being furloughed was directly going to impact them. Action was taken and their furlough was suspended by the president.

Where is our outrage? Where are our elected officials? We are simply pawns in a political chess game.

I hope every furloughed worker seriously stops and thinks the next time he or she goes to the polls to vote. They should think about where their elected official was when they were handed their furlough letter.

Micah Turner


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