Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 23, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 1809 Tenth Fairway Drive; from Daniel D. Gotwald and Donna Jane Bellis; to Marc S. Jarlsberg and Kari L. Jarlsberg; $352,000.

* 812 W. Harrison St.; from Jeffery Shawn Tyler and Kari Tyler; to Patrick J. Brydon and Kelleen M. Stokes; $21,000.

* 6, 8, 10 South Church; from Katie B. McDaniel and Edmund R. McDaniel; to Colonial Group Inc.; $70,000.

* 2245 Arnold Palmer Drive; from Myron O. Stamps and Kimberly S. Stamps; to U.S. of America, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; $209,273 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1602 Classen Drive; from Alvita LeFlore and Preston LaFlore; to Nancy Jany and William Jany; $144,000.

* 130 N. Missouri Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Vickie Johnson; $17,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2331 Fourlakes Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Tammy Heffner; $213,000.

* 111 W. F St.; from Angela Webb; to K & E Homes LLC; $31,500.

* 120 N. 82nd St.; from Kevin Lee and Sara Lee; to Drew Friedman and Ashleigh Friedman; $102,000.

* 4 Perriwinkel Circle; from Peggy Geal and Tahnissa R. Means; to Hersche Parrish and Elaine Parrish; $13,000.

* 36 Lucinda Ave. from Norma R. Wright; to Jonathan Cook and Kaycie Cook; $39,500.

* 2239 Mallard Bend Court; from Todd Wemhoener and Mary Wemhoener; to Ellen E. Keefe; $231,000.

* 501 S. Pennsylvania Ave.; from Allegra J. Wamser by POA Sherry Randall; to Ricky A. Morton and Julie J. Morton; $80,000.

* 2605 Commons Parkway; from Christopher R. Rapp and Amanda S. Rapp; to Matthew T. Van and Sara L. Vann; $202,500.

* 625 Wabash Ave.; from Reliable Building Services Inc.; to Christopher T. Reaka; $75,000.

* 2712 Westinghouse Drive; McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Joseph Gedman and Ligia Gedman; $253,500.

* 541 Windrift Drive; from Pamela G. Markham and Kevin M. Markham; to Pamela Crawford; $105,000.

* 6 Red Fox Road; from Margaret May Katt; to Matthew Gomric and Renee Gomric; $340,000.

* 240 Julia Place; from Matthew Gomric and Renee Gomric to Jason Herley; $120,000.

* 225 N. 74th St.; from Sky Blue Development Inc.; to Stephen C. Williams; $69,500.

* 101 Ladue Road; from Kenneth M. Duchnowski; to Nicole M. Fullmer; $116,000.

* 502 N. 28th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to St. Clair County IGD; $33,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 502 N. 28th St.; from St. Clair County IGD; to Reliable Building Services; $33,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 137 Paulette Drive; from The Estate of Jerome A. Kurz; to Dawn McElroy and Richard McElroy; $18,000.


* 717 St. Norbert St.; from Bolds Holdings LLC; to Denesecia L. Moore; $16,500.

* 717 St. Barbara Lane; from Bobbie Ann Knight; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $20,000.


* 7949 N. Illinois St.; from Elmer R. Hogan by Diana Donaldson with POA; to Stanton Chatman and Shirley A. Chatman; $27,500.


* 104 N. 7th St.; from David W. Simeral and Kathy A. Simeral; to Monte A. Miller and Heather J. Miller; $123,000.


* 645 N. 27th St.; from One West Bank; to John R. Francis; $5,000.


* 104 Chateau Drive; from Eric M. Fryman and Jamie Fryman; to Brian W. Banks and Gabrielle A. Banks; $129,500.

* 821 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Aldi Inc.; to Brittany Hettenhausen; $195,000.

* 209 Vale; from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc.; to Edward A. Frawley Sr. and Edward A. Frawley Jr.; $39,500.

* 46 Gamlin Drive; from Estate of Louis J. Carson; to Kirk M. Carson; $155,000.

* 618 Ember Crest Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Vernon J. Wittlich and Nancy J. Wittlich; $218,000.

* 216 Kadlec Drive; from Mary M. Rundquist; to Nicholas C. Moxley; $90,000.


* 24 Bernhardt Road; from Bruce E. Reno and Robin L. Reno; to Jason M. Boone and Rebecca L. Wilson; $259,000.

* 10326 U.S. Highway 50; from Frank Avry and Norma Avry; to Jody A. Goldsberry; $260,000.

*9510 Pister Road; from Robert A. Moore and Diane L. Moore; to Allen Kreke; $400,000.

* 9922 Tad St.; from Brent Kreke and Patti Kreke; to Derek R. Tracey; $133,500.

* 22 Charles Trail; from Michael G. Gilkerson II and Tanya R. Gilkerson; to Harley Hicks; $220,000.


* 300 E. Glenn St.; from Louise A. Bluff and Audrey D. Wagner; to Johnathon D. Kiefer and Emily E. Kiefer; $120,000.


* 9909 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to James Philip Eugene Serrett and Mary Christian Serrett; $187,000.

* 636 Fallen Timber Lane; from Huey L. Hawkins Jr.; to Tonya M. Kucharski; $171,500.

* 1016 Benelli St.; from Raymond Walter; to Chris Torres and Kathryn Rocks-Torres; $300,000.

* 924 Indian Prairie Drive; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Kevin Candler and Lynne Candler; $242,500.

* 913 Indian Prairie; from AKS Development LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $44,500.

* 832 Indian Prairie Drive; from AKS Development LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $44,500.


* 6504 Cypress Court; from Margaret J. Deibel; to Jeffery J. Biermann and Elizabeth A. Biermann; $45,000.

* 720 Adm. Wendt Parkway; from William H. Albert and Herschel E. Johnson; to Daniel G. Vogel and Kimberly B. Vogel; $15,000.

* 304 W. Laurel St.; from Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC; to Lynn Rohwedder; $63,500.


* 509 S. Clinton St.; from Sondar S. O'Hara; to Jessica M. Ruff; $8,000.


* 1101 Edgewood Drive; from Doroty Blackwell and James A. Blackwell III; to Michael H. Mayo and Brianna C. Mayo; $210,500.

* 1407 Arbor Green Trail; from One Source Relocation LLC; to John D. Fortenbery and Julie K. Fortenbery; $315,000.

* 812 Forest Green Drive; from Lynne R. Perkins and Marnita Perkins; to Mark W. Delaney and Kassie Elizabeth Delaney; $139,500.

* 210 W. Deer Creek Road; from National Residential Nominee Serviles; to Nathaniel A. Kaley; $230,000.

* 317 E. Jefferson; from Joseph A. Lehman; to Logan Greene; $93,000.

* 419 Ponderosa Ave., Apt. 7; from Jessica A. Fowers; to Charity Braden and David Braden; $71,000.

* 924 Stone Briar Drive; from Stone Briar LLC; to McBridge Stone Briar LLC; $22,000.

* 913 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Jeanine C. Flake; $207,000.


* 134 Maple St.; from Rebecca Albers, Rebecca Bryson-Ritchey; to Catherine Hungate; $130,000.


* 4827 Ledgestone Drive; from Smithton Development Co.; to Thad D. Lucas and Rebecca L. Lucas; $218,000.

* 5177 White Oak Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to William R. Thompson III; $281,000.

* 515 N. Julia St.; from Madelaine C. L. Laing; to Joseph Finch and Leola Finch; $168,000.

* 4549 Broadwalk; from WHR Group Inc.; to Robert F. Sacha and Linda T. Sacha; $292,000.

* 521 Fieldview Drive; from Lee Westbrook and Karen Westbrook; to Adam Dickens and Anne Schwab; $185,000.


* 3882 Michael John Drive; Christopher Jones and Marissa Jones; to Eric Fryman and Jamie Fryman; $205,000.

* 1519 Caleb Court; from David M. Rakers and Leslie E. Rakers; to Robert E. Schultz and Stephane L. Schultz; $284,000.

* 1886 Old Park Lane; from Heartland Home Building Inc.; to Marie Stamm; $210,000.

* 4 Meta Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Shannon Bridges; $44,201 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1505 Renoir Ave.; from Leon Hall and Marjorie M. Hall; to Erik M. Day and Craig R. Bowman; $475,500.

* 217 Lake Lorraine Drive; from Jeffrey A. McCarty; to Megan J. Hoelscher; $168,000.



* 8086 Wolf Road; from John Hamilton; to Jared Hamilton; $116,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3822 Gvillo Lane; from Richard R. Young, Young Revocable Living Trust; to Carl Acord and Jill Acord; $180,000.

* 1900 Terrace Drive; from Jennifer Naughton; to Gregory S. Naughton and Jason Wood; $100,000.


* 325 Kingdom North; from Florence K. Burgon, Michael K. Joslen, Dorothy J. Koeller; to Jacob T. Lehnen; $71,500.

* 3771 Culp Lane; from Jesse Lehnen and Misty Lehnen; to Bradley T. Eaton and Connie M. Eaton; $80,000.


* 435 Morrison Ave. North; from HomeInvestors LLC; to Nickalas Tedrick, Robert Oller, Judith A. Oller; $113,000.

* 501 Western Ave.; from Center Point Real Estate Services LLC; to KCI Land Trust; $182,000.

* 237 Mill St.; from Angela S. Boehne, Angela S. Venne; to Ashley Sherry; $75,000.

* 624 Burroughs Ave.; from Timothy W. Meredith; to Sarah A. Broyesl; $80,000.

* 102 Kinsbury Court; from Joel D. Pierce, Kaci C. Weber,Kaci C. Pierce; to Nicholas J. Galloway; $90,000.

* 141 Pine Hollow Lane; from Richard Evan Pass and Carol Jean Pass; to Corey R. Suelter; $110,000.


* 217 Goulding St.; from Kevin D. Hale, Teresa Hale, Naomi Joyce Hale; to Carlyn Johnson and George Johnson; $18,000.

* 614 Airwood Drive; from Simeon J. Bethke and Kristen A. Bethke; to Jeffery M. Cloninger; $153,000.

* 66 Westerholdt St.; from Ellen M. Richey and Norman L. Richey; to Brandon Schneider; $63,000.


* 3140 Birmingham Drive; from Savannah Crossing Development Inc.; to Elite Homes Inc.; $53,000.

* 1804 Partridge Place; from Gregory G. Stanley and Debra D. Stanley; to James B. Duey and Carol L. Duey; $203,000.

* 20 Shell Lane; from James Duey and Carol Duey; to Daniel L. Amilian and Stacey R. Brown; $145,000.

* 3157 Center; from Marilyn J. Traw, Marilyn J. Traw Trust; to Brauer Properties LLC; $360,000.

* 3327 Piazza Lane; from Rajinder K. Mahay and Rinki Mahay; to Sandhya T. Kurianand Pinto Kurian; $400,000.

* 2506 Hunters Pointe Blvd.; from Richard A. Guyton and Becky Guyton; to Barry M. Wittler and Ashley A. Wittler; $207,000.

* 7835 Sun Ridge Court; from Sun Ridge Development Inc.; to Wayne A. Reinneck and Debra A. Reinneck; $49,000.

* 108 Chattanooga Court; from Mark Eldon Tade and Cathy R. Tade; to Jon Klingensmith and Emily Klingensmith; $295,000.

* 7008 Remington Court; from Randolph L. McIntyre and Jodeen L. McIntyre; to Charles Montgomery and Jody Montgomery; $217,000.

* 6379 Quercus Grove Road; from Russell Schweger and Elizabeth Schweger to Mark R. Goodman; $150,000.


* 19 Alta St.; from Kevcorp Construction Inc.; to Robert A. Hrling and Morgan B. Harling; $195,000.

* 201 Sierra Point; from David A. Levy and June M. Levy; to Chad Boeving and Diana Boeving; $284,000.

* 4350 State Route 159; from Charles H. Kovarik and Rosalie Kovarik; to Aschley Wayne Mathew and Lindsey Lee Mathew; $108,000.

* 35 Joel Drive; from Timothy J. Sterner; to Mary goodman and Jeffrey A. George; $122,000.

* 6112 Timbersolfe Drive; from Patricia Botsko and michael Bechtol; to John A. McKechan and Marilyn R. McKechan; $385,000.

* 10 Olivia Lane; from William Turner and Christina Turner; to George P. Wolfe and Kimberly A. Wolfe; $171,000.

* 137 Holly Tree Court; from James D. Stober and Judy K. Stober; to Alison K. Suhre; $232,000.


* 709 Pleasant Valley Drive; from Ralph Paslay and Marsha Paslay; to Rbert A. List and Patsy L. List; $240,000.

* 2719 Grovelin St.; from Beth Brown, Beth Nevins, Carolyn Cox; to Aaron Waters; $80,000.


* 2819 Indiana Ave.; from Maurine Bridges Lewallen, Maurine Bridges, Maurien Lewallen; to Kimberly S. Pauley; $52,000.

* 146 Emerald Way East; from Nagendar K. Surapaneni and Lori A. Surapaneni; to Matthew R. Cain and Jeannine M. Cain; $193,500.

* 527 Thorngate Road; from James Paul Cookson and Nine L. Cookson; to Randy L. Payne, Randall L. Payne, Paula L. Payne; $55,000.

* 2522 Pontoon Road; from Ida M. Frost and Adam Dunn; to Mindy M. Faraone; $112,500.

* 4036 Melrose Ave.; from Timothy Robert Shelton and Amanda Renee Shelton; to Laurie Selph and Danny Selph; $95,000.

* 153 Emerald Way West; from John M. Slotta and Cordelia A. Slotta; to Frederick J. Vorce and Zenda B. Vorce; $205,000.

* 3120 Colgate Place; from Lawrence E. Todoroff and Helen A. Todoroff; to Kyle John Foster; $87,500.

* 26 Wilson Park Drive; from Michael S. Fleming; to Tito C. Pena and Tula Esperanza Caman; $85,000.


* 1512 Washington St.; from Michael L. Stahlhut and Lisa C. Stahlhut; to Andrew J. Stahlhut and Constance M. Stahlhut; $85,000.

* 2788 Water Lily Lane; from Kyle L. Ribbing and Britny D. Ribbing; to Eric C. Nanney and Leah M. Nanney; $320,000.

* 36 Lexington Lane; from Frederick R. Goforth, Goforth Family Asset Preservation Trust; to Matthew M. Mowe; $98,000.

* 2603 Meadow Ridge Drive; from Michael T. Kessler and Lisa A. Kessler; to John J. Kraus and Christy A. Kraus; $257,500.

* 2630 Vulliet Road; from Armando M. Almeida and Neusa P. Almeida; to Jason C. Rodich and Ashely K. Rodich; $33,000.


* 1936 Third St.; from Philip M Sheridan and Esther B. Sheridan; to Gateway Rail Services Inc.; $186,500.


* 503 Perry St. East; from Matt Lanahen, Matt Lanahan, Cristina Lanahan; to Jennifer M. Zimmerman; $125,000.

* 11 Seasons Ridge Court; from Kyle P. Shepperson and Graca Shepperson; to Andrew J. Poole; $326,000.

* 2036 Briarbend Court; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to FFO Investments LLC; $143,650 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 413 2nd St. East; from Ann M. Jackson; to Leslie A. Jackson; $145,000.

* 2069 Grandview Drive; from Patrick L. Woolf and Carol S. Woolf; to Dane E. Hartlein and Monica A. Hartlein; $215,000.


* 410 Bargraves Blvd.; from U.S. Bank, Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust; to Dennis Barnett and Andrea Barnett; $98,000.

* 1231 Wentworth Court; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Scott G. Lucas and Michelle C. Lucas; $270,000.

* 301 Market St. East; from Bert E. Gagnon and Nicholas Kalfas; to Ryan A. Cocker and Caitlin A. Cocker; $152,000.

* 113 James Drive; from Dale L. Beard and Paula R. Beard; to Charles Lawrence Rudder; $137,500.

* 540 Franklin; from Dane E. Hartlein and Monica A. Hartlein; to Timothy Shelton and Amanda Shelton; $183,000.

* 306 Market St. East; from Dennis O. Westfall and Cynthia A. Westfall; to Maurice H. Alms and Linda D. Alms; $250,000.

* 24 Lake Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developemnt, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Norman Rost and Ashely Rost; $120,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 291 13th St.; from David W. James and Donna L. James; to Betty Fluck; $72,000.



* 104 S. Riebeling St.; from Shelly A. Harris, Ececutor; to Searchlight Properties Inc.; $152,000.

* 103 N. Rapp Ave.; from Betty K. Heitman and Mark A. Heitman; to Ashley M. Roediger; $131,000.

* 2430 Hanover Road; from David Pool, Karen Pool, Karen Soracco; to Bradly S. Baldwin and Christene R. Baldwin; $365,000.

* 105 N. Riebeling St.; from Mary C. Nolan, Attorney, Rachel A. Thackrey, Walter E. Thackrey; to Dane Williams and Haley M. Williams; $180,000.


* 2228 Kaskaskia Road; from Adam E. Voelker and Jennifer M. Voelker; to Branden D. Scherle; $132,000.


* 221 W. Monroe; from Jason J. Bastien and Stephanie R. Bastein; to Taryn N. Blow and Gregory W. Smith; $93,000.


* 9019 Range Drive; from Lani Kay Starr; to Dean Crowl and Karen Crowl; $145,000.


* 4415 Illinois 159; from Robert O. Stamm; to Deidre E. Gregson and Derrick P. Gregson; $304,000.


* 218 Yukon Court; from Community First Bank; to JLP Construction Co.; $25,000.

* 103 Madison Drive; from Joseph F. Matt and Linda L. Matt; to Jason J. Bastein and Stephanie R. Bastein; $148,000.

* 802 Sheridan Lane; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $33,000.

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