Martial law lies ahead

June 24, 2013 

Having worked in the federal intelligence community for more than 30 years, I have an instinctive feeling that the scandals surrounding this administration are only scratching the surface.

I think the intention of this administration is to turn this nation into a Marxist dictatorship. I believe the planning began before Obama was elected. He was selected by big money socialist donors and Marxist elements.

Obama was selected because he was young, smart and wasn't another old white man. He is a very eloquent speaker who can with a teleprompter bring down the house with his rhetoric. It is quite evident that he had little depth to explain the policies he is promoting.

I think the Marxist elements behind this administration will, before the end of Obama's term, generate a crisis that will precipitate a declaration of martial law. This happened when Stalin took over the Soviet Union. It happened when Hitler came to power in Nazi Socialist Germany. China did the same with Mao.

Behind the scenes, agents of this administration are scrambling to identify and stop the leaks; they are no doubt compiling an enemies list. The Department of Homeland Security is moving personnel to potential trouble locations. FEMA camps are being planned in every state.

Does this sound like paranoia? Yes. But before you give up on this tirade, take the time to look into the huge facility that the NSA is building in Utah. It is the largest data storage compound in modern times. Cost: $1.9 billion.

William D. Coulson