Don't be so quick to judge

June 24, 2013 

I do not know former St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney or any of his employees and can't attest to his character or how he may or may not have treated those employees.

I can, however, speak to the fact that several years ago a family member worked for Barney Metz when he was the circuit clerk. She remarked many times at how some folks there would not get up and go to the counter when needed, took longer than allowed lunches and some were always late getting to work. She ultimately quit because of the lack of work ethic.

I have had similar experiences over the years at the courthouse when I have needed information. Some clerks just sit there and look as though they are working but never get up to help. One place I have always been taken care of in a timely manner is the assessor's office. They are always right there to help, make a copy or to notarize something for me.

Before we jump on the bandwagon with these employees who may be disgruntled because they were told to get to work on time or take care of business at hand, we need to take a long look at his work record. The race and sexual harassment cards are easy ones to play these days in any lawsuit and too often are taken at face value when indeed there are real issues with employees pushing the limits just to see how far they can go.

Mary Fischer


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