Actions have consequences

June 25, 2013 

You've probably experienced one of those heart-stopping moments. You know, that sinking, sick-to-your-stomach feeling when you realize you've messed up.

Maybe you were driving distracted when it happened, maybe you were goofing around with friends, maybe you weren't paying close enough attention to your child.

If you were lucky, you were able to avoid disaster. You heaved a sigh of relief and were grateful it was just a close call.

But if you didn't avoid that close call, you have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Wayne Hubert, of O'Fallon, had a moment that cost his 23-month-old son Nathan his life. The O'Fallon Police say Hubert strapped his son in a car seat on a hot day, then passed out in the house. The child was later found dead in the car.

Hubert didn't intend to kill his son; indeed, neighbors and posts on Facebook suggest that he was a loving dad. If he could turn back time and do it all over, we're sure he would. But sadly he doesn't get that option.

Our sympathy to the Huberts and their family and friends. This case is a tragic reminder to all of us that life is full of choices, and we need to choose carefully because some choices can't be undone.

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