McGlynn is right appointment

June 26, 2013 

While I am saddened by the drug-related drama and tragedy surrounding the St. Clair County judicial system, I am heartened by the appointment of Stephen P. McGlynn to a county judgeship by the Illinois Supreme Court and Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

I empathize and sympathize with the families and judges in the drug situation. However, we learn from the situation and move forward. It is in the forward moving stance that I congratulate McGlynn and extend wishes that God will walk with him in his footsteps personally and professionally.

The BND appears to have hesitancy about McGlynn's appointment. I differ with the BND. They do not know McGlynn. I do.

I worked with McGlynn in the Republican Party for many years (before the GOP was hijacked by forces alien to my way of thinking and doing). I know McGlynn to be a devout, active churchman; a man of faith and a person of integrity and dignity. I know of his concern for and activity on behalf of less fortunate people.

As a black American and as a life member of the NAACP, I know of his pro bono work in the NAACP and pro bono work for many community groups. I know his wife and other members of his family and know that he values them in word and deed. So I believe I know enough about McGlynn to be pleased about his appointment.

Katie H. Wright

East St. Louis

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