Lawmakers know they are voice of the people

June 26, 2013 

Democrats are on the same team, but you'd never know it given their spirited differences on some major issues.

Just this week, Illinois Rep. Jerry Costello II criticized Gov. Pat Quinn for his expected veto of a compromise concealed-carry bill. Meanwhile at the national level, Rep. Bill Enyart of Belleville took President Obama to task over new, job-killing restrictions on carbon emissions from coal.

Democratic differences of opinion are also the reason that Illinois has yet to reform public pensions despite having supermajorities in both houses.

But with pension reform, the differences are purely philosophical. With concealed carry and coal, it's more a matter of regional preferences.

Concealed carry and coal are important issues for Southern Illinois residents, but not so much for people in Chicago and many parts of the nation.

Good for Costello and Enyart for standing up for what they know their constituents want. It would be much easier for them to fall in line with their party or at least express their views privately to other politicians. But it's good to see that they are not interested in going along to get along.

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