S.A.V.E. to once again recycle old television sets

News-DemocratJune 27, 2013 

Jim Schnipper, who runs St. Clair Associated Vocational Enterprises' electronic recycling program, finally has some good news regarding the organization's warehouses, which were previously full of idle television sets.

"We have found a source to take our TVs," he said.

Schnipper said it took from the end of last year until recently to find a company capable of recycling electronics.

S.A.V.E., which employs developmentally disabled adults, began taking electronics in order to provide jobs and make money, but without a company to sell the electronics to, Schnipper was in a difficult position.

S.A.V.E. previously sold its electronics to a different company, Schnipper said. However, this company found a cheaper source of electronics to recycle and stopped doing business with S.A.V.E., leaving Schnipper with the excess of TVs.

COM2, the company S.A.V.E. works with, recycles electronics safely and properly by breaking them down into their basic components, Schnipper said.

"We're back where we can take TVs again," Schnipper said. "We've moved out everything we had."

Now, anyone wishing to get rid of old electronics like TVs, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, stereo systems, CD and DVD players, safely and legally can bring them to S.A.V.E's warehouse at 620 N. Illinois St. in Belleville.

S.A.V.E charges a shipping and handling fee, so that it is able to ship the electronics to COM2. The fee is $5 for TVs up to 27 inches and $10 for any TVs larger than 27 inches. There is no fee for other electronics.

For a full list of electronics accepted for recycling, visit saveorg.org, click the "our clients" tab and scroll down to "electronics recycling."

"We urge people to keep it green," Schnipper said.

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