Give the county credit

June 27, 2013 

Perhaps there has been some confusion in recent reports criticizing our local government for "blacklisting" a dentist in Mascoutah. The true facts of the recent articles may not have been fully transparent. It is the responsibility of our officials to protect those who are in need of county assistance and possibly that is exactly what the county is doing.

Is this not a matter of fiscal responsibility and a quality decision on behalf of those in need, and those who are representatives in St. Clair County? That is the real truth of the matter in question. It sounds as though greed on the part of the local dentist is the issue, not the "blacklisting" by the county grants department and their respective leadership that should be in question.

It is incumbent upon our officials to adhere to and choose the best of the best in both personal integrity and professional quality standards of the providers in the program, all of which should be and is public information. This is not suggesting that this may be an issue in this case, but protecting the consumers of federal, publicly assisted or private dental care should be and must be paramount.

Perhaps those who do the reporting should do their homework before reporting such a slanted perspective regarding the recent accusations of our county representatives.

Bill Ackermann


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